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Unsuccessfully texlaxed...What went wrong


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Who here has tried texlaxing and it just did not work out?
What state was your hair in before?
How did you do it...professionally or by your self?
What do you think went wrong?
What was your end result?
Did you continue in hopes of eventual success or did you discontinue?
Would you try it again?


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I was really convinced to tex-lax, from some of the positive things I saw on the board, so I texlaxed my natural hair after 15 months of nappy-world (pre-LHCF days), I tex-laxed aka underprocessed with Optimum.
That was great for the wet look, but I had to learn how to deal with it, for the str8 look, what worked for it, you have to treat texlax a bit diff. than bone str IMO. Texlaxed hair loves slip (prone to tangles), like oils and cones:rosebud:. I'm now 20 months in, post nappyworld, after the first texlax I decided to go 85% straight, not texlaxed, which i think is like 50% (curl patterm will be present). with ORS. I try to stay between 80-85%, so i wont overprocess during overlap.
Also, I learned from the board, to coat the hair with vaseline, I chose a thinner grease, first, then vaseline, because when u have to part and comb thru, it has more slip, and will make it is easier to part thru quickly, and apply the relaxer. At the last stage, like 2 minutes before i am to rinse out the relaxer, I use the wide tooth comb, and smooth all my hair out, not necessarily smothering it in perm, but this gave me the best perm I ever had, before I was using vaseline or nothing, my hair was hard to part thru, and apply the relaxer, i found the overlapped was all tangly, thus when i rinsed and dried, i have nice str8 new growth but the overlap was tangle and crunchy. No more.
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I don't have an answer to your questions, but I was talking to my stylist once and she said, not everyone can/should texlax the same as not everyone can/should be bone straight. When texlaxing you have to be very careful and pay more attention to you hair, since it is essentialy "underprocessed".


The best way to get the texlaxed look is to not smooth your relaxer. When I was texlaxed, this is the method I used. I was able to keep my curls until I screwed up and smoothed my sides too strait.:ohwell: I'd like to do this in the future when my hair gets longer.


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I'm fairly new to texlaxing and I love it. I have a professional stylist who does mine. I went in and asked for a mild relaxer, which I believe she lets sit for the recommended time, and my hair straightens out to about maybe about 60% so my curl pattern is definitely intact. I can't remember if she smooths it out or not, so I can't help in terms of the application process.

I like my hair texlaxed because it's less of a chore to detangle my hair than natural, it's versatile so I can switch back and forth between straight and curly styles frequently, and my hair is much fuller than when I was relaxing straight. I have no problems with detangling texlaxed hair. I attribute this to the fact that I was natural for 2+ years beforehand and use thos methods to detangle (with lots of conditioner and underneath the showerhead).

I'm definitely continuing with texlaxing because it works for me and my hair.


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I think texlaxing is great if your daily style is a wet set style. But if you wear your hair straight most of the time then it should be properly processed.


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I'm bumping this for anyone who was wondering. I am texlaxed and I enjoy wearing my hair straight and curly. I just did my own texlaxer about 3 weeks ago. So far I'm loving it! I plan to only texlax once a year. I really love my natural hair, but overall I wanted a loosening of the curl pattern and that's exactly what I got. I'm glad that I was natural for years, so that I could get my hair healthy and ready for the next step. Texlaxing so far has been the best thing that I've ever done for me and my hair.


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Who here has tried texlaxing and it just did not work out? Me
What state was your hair in before? It was natural and thick.
How did you do it...professionally or by your self? Professionally
What do you think went wrong? I think my hair just wasn't having it.
What was your end result? It was a little loose but it was still super curly and tight.
Did you continue in hopes of eventual success or did you discontinue? No
Would you try it again?No

I have a picture of my attempt in my fotki. The first couple of times I washed my hair the curls did seem looser. But as time went on my hair reverted back. I think I could have tried again to get my desired results but I did not want to be tied down to having to keep up with getting it redone. Q


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I just tried texlaxing last night and I'm not sure if the result I got was what it should have been. Since my scalp is almost always flaky from psoriasis I based throughout my scalop with Sensitive Scalp. I used Mizani Butter Blend for fine/color treated hair, which was a switch from like 25+ years of using no-lye products.

The instructions said the total time to process was 13 minutes for color treated hair. I am assuming this also includes the time to apply as well. Within the 13 minute period I was able to do the two back sections and I was barely through the front left section when the time went off. I was starting to burn and bit and didnt want to overprocess so I rinse out the back and unfortunatley got some of my hair in the front wet. I finished applying the front two sections within another 13 minute interval and then rinsed and neutralized with Mizani Balance Hair Bath (which felt like silk in my hair!). I definitely still felt my curl pattern while I wash washing but it felt softer and not so tangled. I don't know if it was actually from the relaxer or the shampoo.

Also I put in a Cellophane color before finishing off with a DC mix of Luna Conditioning Masque and Garnier Fructis Strength and Repair Conditioner.
My hair was super soft, easy to comb...not a single tangle and almost no breakage or shedding. :yep:

When I was roller setting I saw a section in the back that looked like a 3B/3C texture. So I was very pleased with that, but to tell you the truth I am not sure if it was the conditioning treatment or the relaxer that has given me these results.


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Who here has tried texlaxing and it just did not work out? ME
What state was your hair in before? Natural
How did you do it...professionally or by your self? Self
What do you think went wrong? My hair has no real curl pattern, so texlaxing did not give me the result I was looking for.
What was your end result? Straight
Did you continue in hopes of eventual success or did you discontinue? I continued. I manipulated my hair to get the texture, and it grew fine, but the texlaxing really only helped with detangling/washing
Would you try it again? Nah, I think I'd go straight up natural next time, and see what happens.