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Use 1 Buy 1 Challenge pt.5


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i have a AO blue something conditioner that is very moisturizing. i will pull it out later this summer. the smell is nice too for a AO product:giggle:.


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IDareT'sHair it damn sho don't smell good lol! Honestly, I wouldn't rate any Qhemet products high on the fragrance chart. I like the stuff, but don't like that herbally citrus scent.


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i need to get in on this

brb :flyingwit

ETA: you guys in this challenge are hilarious! :lol: i can't join because i am on a personal, hardcore, buy none use all challenge so i think i'll just be coming here occasionally for entertainment haha
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Well....I haven't thought about buying anything today.:perplexed

I still have that $ from my little Komaza Sale burning a hole in my pocket:lol:


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IDareT'sHair, most of the BFH conditioners give me similar results. I like it!

I want to buy something too but I am waiting on SSI. I am going to be mad if she doesn't have a sale. I will order anyway though.