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Use 1 Buy 1 Challenge pt.5


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Good evening everyone.

Today I picked up some packages from my local courier:

My Amika products that @prettyinpurple sent me (thanks sis :kiss:)
2 huge jars of Dominican Magic Defining Hair Gel
Some Skincare products from Aesthetic Backbar
6 candles from b&bw

My other Amika products arrived on Monday I think. I am indeed one very happy camper :happydance:.


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It's a holiday here tomorrow so I will be trying out my new Amika products. I am so eager to use them. They smell soooooo goodt, I wanna swim in them, especially the Normcore shampoo and conditioner set and the mask, I mean Wow! I kept sniffing all of them.


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Okay it's official, I absolutely love :love: love this new Amika line, new to me anyway.

So far I have tried the Amika Normcore Signature Shampoo and rinse out conditioner, the Triple Rx DC (protein), and the Nourishing Mask (moisture).

I absolutely love the Normcore Shampoo - it is very moisturizing on my hair plus you DO NOT need alot of it. It sud up very thickly and quickly. I was actually able to detangle my hair. I will never need to order this one any larger than the 10.1 oz bottle since a little goes a very, very long way.

The Normcore Signature rinse out conditioner was good but not great on my hair. It did not offer a lot of slip, a little, but definitely not a lot and I like a lot of slip on my 4a/b hair. This is not a repurchase item for me but I'm gald I got to try it. Now I have to be honest, my curls sprang into place so nicely after rinsing it out but the Triple RX did the same thing as well, which by the way is a keeper. I am in love with this one.

I have the Amika Nourishing Mask on right now and it glided through my hair like butter. It has so much slip and it's a definite keeper. These are expensive products but because they are so thick and concentrated, you do not need a lot since they spread surprisingly well.

Now I'm curious about any leave-in they may offer. I'll try to wait for a coupon to try some more of their products. Currently I have 4 of the 16 oz jars of the Triple Rx, 2 and a half jars of the Nourishing Mask, 2 of the 10 oz Triple Rx shampoos and one Normcore Moisturizing shampoo. I need to order more of the Nourishing ( renamed SoulFood Nourishing Mask). I love the new name by the way.
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