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Use 1 Buy 1 Challenge pt.5


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Well my no buy for this month just got shot down but I had a deal I couldn't pass up especially since Amika rarely gives out coupons. I was sent a 30% off coupon that I had to use up because my original shipment was taking a lot longer than expected to ship.

How sweet of them. So I bought:

x1 mighty mini ionic dryer|pink signature print

x2 soulfood | nourishing mask500 ml / 16 fl oz

I bought the mini blow dryer because I gave my niece the one I had and I needed one. As far as the SoulFood Mask, well I just love this mask and got 2 more since there was a great savings and don't know when I will get another savings like this one from the company.
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Glad they are working for you. I haven't been near a TJM or Marshall's to try to locate any.:look:

Maybe if my stash wasn't so ginormous - but right now, unfortunately, even with the great price TJ's and Marshall's have them, I am not even tempted. :cry3:

Please don't try it until you have your stash under some degree of control. You just might get attached and what's really good about them is that they have Queen Shea in them. That sealed the deal for me :yep:.


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Good morning Ladies. I gave away a few more of those DR products I had in my stash to my nieces and sister. They were happy to have them since they don't have a lot of products like I do. It's good to know I can pass on some of my products to people who actually need them at no cost to them :yep:.
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Used up:

-Nairobi Vita Sheen Hairdress, no back up and no repurchase - I prefer Blue Magic Grease more because it is a slightly heavier sealant on my hair.

-QB BRBC - 16 oz, no backups left and no immediate repurchase - I will stick with my SSI leave-ins, 1 last jar of Bekura Beauty Tonga Mousse and my various Jherri juices for moisturizing for now.


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I opened up what is probably my last jar of DB's Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Hair Cream.:crybaby:

It's as amazing as I remember.:love:

I think I may have x1 more (in a bottle), not sure? But this might be it though.:cry4:

I know I still have x1 16oz Jar of the Pumpkin Seed DC'er.:drool:

Goal for 2020 (use up all discontinued product lines):( Can't hold on to it forever.