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Use 1 Buy 1 Challenge pt.5


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I forgot I was out of 3 of my DIY ayurvedic powders.I just placed an order on Amazon
Fenugreek seeds 1x
Fenugreek powder 1x
Ashwagndha powder 1x

*Now I’m finished only vitamins are left to repurchase

Happy Hair Growing!

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Got my shipping notification from Entwine this morning

Waiting on APB and second PJN order, to start tracking.

Hattache should be delivered Saturday
Curl smiler should be delivered Saturday
1st PJN order should be delivered Friday


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Neges Banda-Delivered
This feels wonderful on my scalp

Love the Fenugreek/Aloe moisturizing spray

Happy Hair Growing!
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Stunna-Finished/no backup at the moment
Soultanicals-Shea Yurvedic butta poo no backup
APB-Moisture conditioner no backup

*I need to reup on Soultanicals Yurvedic butter poo..This is on of my staples

Happy Hair Growing!


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Uhuru Naturals-
Fermented rice water 1x
Onion juice/Fermented rice water 1x
Bamboo biofement & amla leave-in 1x
Donkey Milk hydrating hair cream 1x

Happy Hair Growing!