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Use 1 Buy 1 Challenge pt.5


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@Bette Davis Eyes
The Hair Mayo (Plum & Agave), a b/up of the Detox and one of the new Juicy Curls Hair Mask. I "may" have the Hair Mayo? (not sure):scratchchin:
@IDareT'sHair I hope you enjoy the Juicy Curls Hair Mask as much as I do..Talk about super soft moisturized hair :drunk: I think this has to be a part of my Dc rotation..Next time I have to try the juicy curls leave-in & moisture shot..

Happy Hair Growing!
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Sweet Basil Apothecary-
DHT Blocker Hair Rinse 1x
Batana Oil 1x

The America Brand-
Highly Infused Sea Moss Gel 1x

Happy Hair Growing!
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Ordered some Shea Nilotica butter,Babassu oii,Sesame seed oil,Pracaxi oil & Hibiscus oil.
Time to whip up some goodness winter is approaching & I need to be ready.

Peacock Nature-Delivered
Q2 Naturals-Shipped
Beau Peep-Shipped

Happy Hair Growing!
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Bette Davis Eyes

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Good morning

Waiting on PJN order and the Clay Washes I ordered from a natural.

I also just ordered Eco Slay Rice Pudding Leave in conditioner yesterday.

Nurcreations is sending me few products to try out. Those should arrived Saturday.


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Mornin' PJ's!:hiya:

Nothing (hair related) on the way.:perplexed:

Getting ready for my new Puppy - so right now it's all about the "Pup-Stuff":laugh:

Taking @Lita advice/recommendation and looking at what to use to gear up for Fall/Winter.:cold:

I will pull out my QB (and other stuff) as the temperature continues to dip.

I got a pretty "hefty" stash, so everything is ready to go!


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Hey y’all! My first time logging in since the forum got a facelift lol. Good to see everyone again! I was about to give up on my healthy hair journey because my hair had become so unruly and I was struggling to figure it out. I did one or two Ayurvedic treatments over the summer and started using rice water and then got a major trim before going under a wig and that helped just a little. But last night I used bentonite clay and that got me all the way together! I also used the she scent it passionfruit and flax therapy mask, then did aN overnight rice water treatment and now I’m deep conditioning. Shedding and breakage seems to be done! Even though I’m going back under a wig today I’m about to order a bunch of clay and rice water products and some SSI stuff. I should wait until Black Friday but I’m so doggone eager since I was struggling with my hair issues for so long lol