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Use 1 Buy 1 Challenge pt.5


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Okay....I didn't think I'd use up anything....
However, I used up:
x1 PJN Knot Tonic (x1 b/up...maybe x2?)
x1 SM Take Down Detangler (same...x1 maybe x2 b/ups)

Scraping the last of my Original AO HSR. :perplexed:

I may have enough left for 1/2 DC Session. Will hafta' add to it. (No b/ups):cry3:

I have x1 unopened AO WC left in my Original AO Stash.


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Wash day was yesterday!
I used a new leave in combo - ABP agave spray, Kinky tresses oil, Camille rose honey hydrate leave in, and APB capacua cream. My hair is moist and shiny even after a quick blow dry. I will use this for a while.
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