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Use 1 Buy 1 Challenge pt.5

Bette Davis Eyes

The "OG" Product Junkie

Im still waiting on Tangles and Beyond(body), Mane Krush, Khemistrii(body). I placed another Tangles and Beyond (hair) order last night. I don't expect to see either order until the end of the month.

Mane Krush is supposed to be delivered the 13th. Khemistrii probably the end of the month as well.

I thought I had checked out of Honeyhairchile but I didnt. Im only ordering from Negesbanda for Black Friday or before. Shes launching a new item.


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Greetings PJ's! :wave:

Pray all is well with You & Yours!:grouphug:

Lordt. I wanna buy something! Went through ETSY last night.

Wouldn't mind having a Stunna DC'er (b/up), but forgot to look at it. :look:

I guess I should decide on a BF "Budget" and stick to it regardless of the Sales...yeah right! :giggle:

Seriously tho', I need to get serious about what Imma do BF. Since I won't be traveling this year, I hope I won't ordering up errthang - all of which I do not need. :nono:

I did buy x2 Slaps during the B1G1 for a friend who has a early Dec B-Day. They should come today or tomorrow.

Other than that, I'm not really waiting on anything at all except my x2 SSI Juicy Curls. I used the Juicy Shot this weekend on top of my DC'er under Steamer. I like it. :love: *will order a couple during BF.*

Next time I will try it as a Pre-Poo on Dry Hair.

Bette Davis Eyes

The "OG" Product Junkie
Waiting on Tangles and Beyond orders. Ordered a new product from Negesbanda. Everything else arrived or is tracking.
I expect to only get the other new items from Negesbanda and back up chebe prepo
That will take care of my hair orders.

might get a revair, again before Black Friday. Getting my hair done on the 28th and want it stretched.

Bette Davis Eyes

The "OG" Product Junkie
Good morning. Here early at work.

Still waiting on my kheimistrii order. the label was printed on the 13th and it hasnt moved yet. Waiting on the second Tangles and Beyond order. My paddle comb/brush should be delivered today. Waiting on Negesbanda gel. Hopefully she releases her black friday details soon. I know shes also releasing another new product . We shall see.

Bette Davis Eyes

The "OG" Product Junkie
Good morning

Kheimistrii talking about, she dropped it off when she printed the label and it must have gotten lost. So on Monday, shes sending me another package. So much for ordering before the Black Friday rush.