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Use 1 Buy 1 Challenge pt.5


PJ Rehabilitation Center
Oh....My Hairgarten also came yesterday = x2 Carrot Butters. And Curl Dynasty shipped and should be here 06/05.

Yes...I forgot I bought these.:look:

So, I did buy more than I thought I did! :eek:

Bette Davis Eyes

The "OG" Product Junkie
@Bette Davis Eyes
Do you like it? What all do you have?

So far, I have their:
RW DC'er
Neem DC'er
Carrot Cowash
and now the Carrot Butter. I would like the Carrot Spritz and maybe try the Oil?

I have the carrot butter, carrot cowash, carrot oil. A spritz thats not in the carrot line, I Iike everything but i wanted the butter to be butter not cream. Its nice though @IDareT'sHair