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Use 1 Buy 1 Challenge pt.5


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Only you all would get this:

I met up with friends for brunch. I haven't seen them in a bit, pandemic and all. Sooo one friend is now wearing wash and gos, I support the transition to natural hair . Problem is her hair look kinda terrible. She is holding onto heat damage. You can see that her roots are gorg then there are these long straight scraggly ends. I told her that I liked the look and that she should think about going shorter so her curls could actually curl. She told me that she already had a trim and that her hair is just like that. It straighten easily... girl no that is heat damage and your hairdresser aint ish for letting you walk out like that. She was snippy about it. I let it go.

I was annoyed that I went against my usually rule of minding my business but I don't like my people to be out in the wild look a mess. I'll keep my mouth shut from here on out.


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Mornin' Ladies! :grouphug3:

I pray all is well with you & yours! :wave:

Hopefully, I will slow walk BF.

Right now SSI is probably the only think I'll get (if that). I'm certainly hoping that's the case.

I've been buying stuff here & there and I honestly cannot justify another Product purchase.:look:


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Hey PJ's! :grouphug3: ....:smooches:

Did the 2021 BF thing. Hopefully, I'm done.:look:

I'll take a look at CM and see what folks talmbout if anything.

I have to work on this stash in the New Year, so that will be my focus.

I hope everyone had a Blessed Thanks-giving:pray: