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Vibe Vixen Wants a Piece of the Natural Hair Game Launches Product Line


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If you’ve walked down your local Wal-Mart or Target aisle you’ve probably noticed a plethora of different hair products marketed to natural haired women with kinks and curls. A few of these products, like Carol’s Daughter, started out in the kitchens of their creators and have blossomed into cash cows. But not all products are created equally or start from humble beginnings.

Such is the case with Vibe Vixen’s Natural Curl Therapy products.

Yes, Vibe Vixen, the website. Recently the site announced their new product line and reasons behind creating it:

“A few years ago—after countless hours of research and testing—we decided to create Natural Curl Therapy, a sulphate free hair care line dedicated to keeping our curly locks moisturized, shiny and healthy.

But our line doesn’t just have pretty packaging and a cute name, we really are different. All products contain coconut oil, argon oil, and olive oil and when combined, they create an amazing tri-complex blend of awesome-ness. “The oils are proportioned such that your hair receives the maximum benefit from each ingredient which offers a variety of benefits,” says VIBE Beauty Expert and VP & Global Creative Director Lindsay Ebbin.”

The products, which are available at Wal-Mart and under $10, consists of shampoo, conditioner, a curling milk, curl gel, shine spray and a leave-in treatment. What the website doesn’t mention are the “other” ingredients in their line. Sure it name drops the “holy grail” of ingredients when it comes to hair. Sure it says it’s sulfate free, but what separates this line from others? Unfortunately there wasn’t any other information to go on, and although the article does state that it’s available in 90 Wal-Mart stores, I couldn’t find it my local Wal-Mart.

Cashing in on the hair game seems to be a trend nowadays. More companies are realizing it’s truly a way to re-brand and bring in the dollars.





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Argon oil? Argon is a gas. I won't be a guinea pig on this one if they can't even spell the trendy, buzz word ingredient correctly.


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Argon oil? Argon is a gas. I won't be a guinea pig on this one if they can't even spell the trendy, buzz word ingredient correctly.

You are so right! :lachen:I went to their website just to see if it was them and not the news outlet or whatever who spelled it that way and it was them!!

I was gonna pass anyway. Boy, they're desperate huh?:lachen:Jumping on band wagons and such.


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Curious to know who's the actual manufacturer behind the product line

LaChaBla Agree,not interested & who is behind this..I'll pass..No think you..Folks throw the word "NATURAL" in front of a product,thinking people are dumb..Fail!

Happy Hair Growing!