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Video Shows Dallas Man Repeatedly Punching Woman Calling 911 On Him


Sidestepping the "lynch mob"
Good! I was wondering how that would work charging a victim during an active case against her attacker...crazy stuff.

She's lucky. Not every man is a gentleman and will turn the other cheek if we slap them...and there are lots of misogynists and racists out there, like this guy, just waiting for opportunity!

She put herself at a disadvantage by parking and getting out her car to argue with the idiot. Bottom line, don't argue with strangers. If someone is acting irrationally and approaching your vehicle, call 911 from your car or high-tail on out of there. It's better to be alive than "right".

The DA refuses to prosecute her:

DA declines to prosecute case against woman in Deep Ellum assault
Creuzot asked the magistrate to recall the arrest warrant and the magistrate agreed.

DALLAS — The day after police filed a charge against the woman at the center of a Deep Ellum assault case, the Dallas County District John Creuzot declined to prosecute.

Creuzot asked the magistrate to recall the arrest warrant and the magistrate agreed.

The Dallas County District Attorney's Office said it made the decision because they didn't feel it was proper to pursue a case against a victim during an active case against her attacker.

On Tuesday, Dallas police filed a charge of felony criminal mischief against L'Daijohnique Lee, 24, for damaging the man's pickup truck after she was punched on March 21 in a Deep Ellum parking lot.

Austin Sheffield, 30, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawfully carrying a weapon, public intoxication and interference with an emergency call.

It’s rare for a district attorney to decline a criminal case from a police department. Normally, if there’s some question about whether a crime occurred, the DA’s office will take the police department’s case and present it to a grand jury to let them decide if probable cause exists, allowing the case to proceed in the system. But it appears that Creuzot’s office isn’t even letting the case go that far.

And this is why it's good to have black faces in high places.


Kitchen Mixtress
I heard that the dispute was over a parking space but that after they exchanged words, she conceded and moved her car. But he was still upset and came after her. And that’s why she was backing up and calling the police but then when he knocked her phone out of her hand, she reflexively went to defend herself and got attacked.
I also heard his truck got damaged in process of him attacking her. Where would she have opportunity to damage his truck after being incapacitated from him beating her?
This whole thing is so messy. And it’s impossible to find a reliable sequence of events. Even Black women paint her as confrontational. The videos I’ve watched, I see a person calling for help and getting attacked. Seems most of her critics think the only appropriate thing to do would be to run...
I don’t disagree entirely, but if a crazy person is trying to attack you and you run, they usually chase you. And if this is the narrative being spun with video evidence, what would people say if he had caught her away from cameras? Would she even have lived to see the next day?