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Vintage Article on Conditioning Treatments

Paris Belle

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Article Reprint from Hair Magazine (I cannot remember which one)…Vintage Article (Mid 1990s)

*Here is a good article that I read way back in the day, when I first started my hair care regimen and before I found the boards. It goes into detail about the different kinds of conditioners.

Warning: It mentions a lot of All Ways products and promotes their uses HEAVILY…Of course, supplement your own products. I posted this because it discusses what certain types of conditioners are and what they are used for..And again, this is a vintage article, so more information has since become available and some of the information here may or may not still be relevant…

25 Tips For Black Textured Hair: How To Condition Your Hair At Home Naturally

Nowadays, most women apply an instant conditioner after every shampoo. After all, instant conditioners protect and coat the hair shaft from damage, with hair becoming manageable with body and shine, according to the experts at All Ways Natural. Here’s how to use the wide variety of hair conditioners on the market today, with some quick tips on what these conditioners do.

1. Color-treated hair should always be conditioned. It is extremely important to know the condition of your hair. If hair is extremely dry, brittle and damaged from excessive color treatments, deep penetrating conditioners are required. Clean hair with a shampoo formulated for specific hair texture. After shampooing, immediately condition hair for 25-30 minutes. Repeat this procedure once a week until hair becomes stronger. The above regimen is recommended for individuals with fine hair damaged by color treatments too. Normal hair textures which are color-treated would benefit from instant conditioners that protect and coat hairshaft.
2. Hair perming has become the norm for many Black women. Perms, relaxers and all other chemical treatments will damage hair. Implementing and maintaining a specific regimen for conditioning chemically treated hair is highly recommended. Learn the strength of your hair. Condition hair regularly to improve, repair and promote healthy, natural growth. Hair damaged by excessive perming and overlapping of chemicals should be conditioned frequently. All Ways Natural experts recommend Chem Repair. Apply conditioner to hair after shampooing. Conditioner should remain on hair at least 20 minutes. If a heating cap is preferred, place cap on after applying conditioner. When indicated time is reached, rinse out, comb, and style hair.
3. In order to achieve fantastic results for your hair, remember to condition regularly. Choose a conditioner for specific hair textures. It is extremely important to know how healthy your hair is. Different hair textures require different conditioners. Normal hair needs less conditioning than dry hair. A guideline to follow is: if hair is dry, use a deep penetrating conditioner once a week until hair becomes healthier. As hair becomes stronger, decrease usage until deep conditioning is required once a month only. Women with normal and fine hair textures will benefit from the various instant conditioners available. Remember, conditioners protect our hair from blow drying, relaxing, chemical procedures, color treatments and damage. Always use a conditioner after shampooing.
4. Choose a hair and scalp conditioner which will work best for your hair type. To achieve optimal results, part hair with a comb, apply conditioner to fingertip and massage directly onto scalp. Repeat this step until entire scalp is conditioned. It is not always necessary to apply these types of conditioners directly to hair. Brush hair to properly distribute conditioner through scalp. If hair is excessively dry or ends are extremely brittle, apply conditioner to hair. Don’t overuse, hair could become greasy and in some instances sticky. Brush hair thoroughly and style as desired. All Ways Natural has several hair and scalp conditioners Herbal Hair & Scalp, Nature’s Super Gro, Enriched Castor Oil, Nature’s Isogro which are recommended for daily usage. Choose a product which meets your specific needs.
5. Crème rinse conditioners instantly coat the hair. Tresses are manageable, softer, and shinier after initial use; hair has body and volume. Styling becomes easier. Shampoo hair with desired product. After shampooing, apply crème rinse to hair. Leave on hair one minute. Rinse out thoroughly. Blow dry hair style as desired.
6. PH balance conditioners are used to help hair return to its normal PH level. These conditioners are slightly acidic and primarily used aftera relaxer or chemical treatment. Follow the manufacturer’s directions, when using a PH balance conditioner. One procedure is to part the hair in four sections. Apply the conditioner to each section. Leave conditioner in hair for 1 to 5 minutes, or indicated time specified by manufacturer. Rinse conditioner out of hair when indicated time is reached.
7. Hair should be immediately conditioned after applying chemicals or a relaxer. Hair chemically treated is dry and damaged. Choose All Ways Natural’s Chem Repair Deep Conditioning Treatment. The herbal ingredients combined with the super penetrating strength of our conditioner will immediately strengthen, soften and control dry, split ends. Determine your hairs strength. Part the hair into four complete sections from ear to ear and forehead to nape. Apply conditioner liberally to each section with a comb. Massage penetrating conditioner into hair gently. Concentrate on ends. Leave conditioner in hair for specified time. Rinse completely with warm water.
8. Many women today are wearing their hair natural---no chemicals, straighteners or relaxers are being applied. Instant conditioners are best for virgin hair. Choose a shampoo for Black hair textures. Condition hair immediately after shampooing with an instant conditioner. Consumers with naturally coarse hair should use a hair and scalp conditioner that can alleviate dryness while effectively penetrating scalp. All Ways Natural’s Herbal Hair & Scalp Conditioner is highly recommended. If hair is fine and/or fragile use a lighter conditioner. We recommend our Enriched Castor Oil. The product is very light and will condition hair with nature’s finest herbs and oils.
9. All Ways Naturals Nature’s Isogro conditioning treatment is formulated for dry, itchy scalp. Nature’s Isogro will soften hair and lubricate the scalp. Our herbs and oils are specifically designed to combat dryness and flakiness. We recommend daily usage. To receive the full benefits of this hair and scalp conditioner, part hair into four separate sections. Apply conditioner directly to scalp. Condition each section separately until entire scalp is treated. Brush hair thoroughly. Comb hair into desired style.
10. One of the most popular hair and scalp conditioners is Nature’s Super Gro. A conditioner of this type will stimulate hair growth and prevent breakage. Our herbs and oils seep easily into the scalp promoting healthy hair growth. Daily usage is recommended. Apply Nature’s Super Gro directly to the scalp. Part hair into four even sections with a comb. Dab the conditioner with fingertip. Massage conditioner on scalp. Complete each section separately until entire scalp is conditioned. Brush hair is to distribute our natural herbs and oils.
11. Sometimes conditioners are needed to combat hair against dandruff, dryness and flaking scalp. Our Naturally Medicated Hair & Scalp Conditioner will help alleviate these troubling conditions. The formula is crème based, light with anti-dandruff antiseptic. All Ways Natural experts recommend daily usage to control dandruff and promote healthy hair. This conditioner must be applied directly to scalp. Use a comb, part hair into four equal sections. Apply our Naturally Medicated conditioner to scalp. Continue process until entire scalp is conditioned. Style hair.
12. Throughout the generations, women have entrusted castor oil as a conditioner to enrich and protect their hair. Mothers have appreciated the restorative qualities of castor oil on their children’s hair. These conditioners are also called hairdressings. All Ways Natural introduced Enriched Castor Oil a very light, old fashioned maximum strength conditioner. The product contains 99% pure castor oil with the finest herbs and oils. Enriched Castor Oil is recommended for daily usage. Part hair into four sections---from ear to ear and forehead to nape. Section hair with comb. Use fingertip to apply conditioner on scalp. Condition each section separately until entire scalp is covered. If desired, place conditioner directly on hair, especially fragile ends. Brush hair thoroughly. Style hair as desired.
13. Several conditioners currently available in the stores are considered heavy pomades. Choose this type of conditioner to add in the promotion of healthy hair growth. All Ways Natural’s Herbal Hair & Scalp Treatment Conditioner is an excellent choice. The product is enriched with natural ingredients and will add in the growth of all hair types. Women with normal hair textures should apply product lightly to scalp. Part hair in equal sections and apply conditioner. Brush hair thoroughly to effectively distribute the herbs and oils. Some women tend to have dry hair, in this instance heavier usage is suggested. Apply product to hair and scalp. Brush hair thoroughly. Women with very fine hair should opt for a lighter conditioner.
14. All Ways Natural’s Super Light Hair & Scalp Treatment Conditioner is a fine choice for individuals with thin hair or those of us who prefer lighter conditioners. Our exclusive formula will aid hair’s natural growth. Hair will feel softer and smoother after the first application. To receive the full benefits of our Super Light Conditioner, use product on a daily basis. Hair damaged by chemicals, relaxers or color treatment should be conditioned regularly.
15. Penetrating conditioners revitalize hair damaged by chemical applications and styling abuses. Many deep conditioners are made up of proteins small enough to penetrate the scalp and strengthen hair. A once a month treatment is suggested. If hair is extremely dry, brittle and damaged, try All Ways Natural’s Chem Repair Deep Conditioning Treatment once a week until hair becomes healthier. Chem Repair is a crème conditioner developed to replenish essential oils to hair and scalp. The product rejuvenates, strengthens and conditions hair. Before initial use, determine the strength of your hair. Shampoo hair and rinse thoroughly. Part hair into four sections and apply conditioner liberally to each section, concentrating on the ends. If necessary, wear a heating cap. Leave conditioner on hair 30-60 minutes. Rinse out with warm water. Comb hair as desired.
16. Many women prefer cholesterol conditioning treatments. These conditioners repair damage by penetrating the hair shaft. Cholestorol conditioning is effective on hair that’s damaged by chemicals, split ends, color-treatments and other styling abuses. Women with normal hair can use cholesterol conditioners after shampooing for one to five minutes. Rinse product out thoroughly. Hair damaged by perms, relaxers and styling aids would benefit from a 15-20 minute conditioning. Follow instructions listed by manufacturer. Beauty supply stores offer a wide range of cholesterol conditioners. Purchase a brand that compliments your hair texture.
17. Hot Oil Treatments: If time permits, try using a hot oil conditioner. Hot oils are liquid conditioners that are excellent products for dry, damaged hair. Shampoo hair as normal. Heat oil to desired temperature. Apply All Ways Natural’s Hot Oil Treatment, fortified with twenty herbs and oils, directly to the hair and scalp. Distribute oils throughout hair from roots to ends. Massage scalp gently. If a hair dryer is not available, use a heating cap to cover head. Leave product on hair for specified time---remember to follow all instructions. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water. Comb hair as desired.
18. Black women often complain of dry, damaged hair. All Was Natural introduced 911 Hair & Scalp Conditioners to combat these problems. 911 products are liquid conditioners enriched with herbs and oils that immediately seep into the scalp. The formulas are excellent for hair damaged by relaxers, color treatments, hot curling and blow drying. 911 conditioners are formulated for daily usage and after shampooing. Pour 911 into palm of hands and distribute evenly throughout hair and scalp with a comb. The products condition hair immediately. Dry hair will become manageable, softer and shinier, while beginning the process of strengthening. As a conditioner after shampooing, the products will seal cuticles and radiate hair. Do not rinse out.
19. 911 Emergency Leave-In Conditioner is a herbal liquid solution designed for wet and dry hair. All Ways Natural has created this innovative leave-in conditioner for all hair types. As a conditioner for normal to dry hair, daily usage is advised. Pour 911 into palm of hand. Rub hands together. Work product into hair from roots to ends. Comb hair to effectively distribute the conditioner throughout the hair. After shampooing hair, use 911 as a leave-in conditioner. Do not wash out. Pour 911 into palm of hand, or if desired directly onto hair. Style hair. Hair will become manageable immediately. Hair texture will feel softer and glow radiantly.
20. 911 Extra Dry Hair Formula is a leave-in conditioner formulated with an abundance of herbs and oils for extremely dry, brittle and damaged hair. 911 Extra Dry is excellent on hair damaged from chemicals, relaxers, color treatments, blow drying and hot curlers. The product instantly moisturizes and conditions hair. 911 Extra Dry can be used daily or as an after shampooing conditioner. For daily usage on excessively dry hair, pour 911 Extra Dry directly on hair and scalp. Massage gently. Style tresses. Hair will be immediately replenished with natural oils. After shampooing, use 911 Extra Dry as a restorative conditioner. Distribute product evenly throughout hair. A comb will produce optimal results. Blow dry hair and style. Do not rinse out.
21. Oil Sheen Instant Conditioners replenish oils to hair. These conditioners are sprayed directly onto hair. All Ways Natural’s Instant Comb-Out Conditioner combines herbs and oils for dry, damaged hair. The formula is light and non-greasy. The product protects hair from split ends and breakage. Hair’s natural sheen is noticed instantly. Comb out adds body to all hair textures. Hold product 6 inches from hair. Spray lightly and evenly. Comb and style as desired.
22. Crème hairdress conditioners were formulated for women who prefer daily hair and scalp treatments that are very light and non-greasy. All Ways Natural recently introduced Break No More. The product is designed to end breakage and prevent split ends. The hair and scalp treatment should be used daily. Break No More conditions and moisturizes immediately. To achieve optimal results, part hair into four equal sections and apply crème hairdress directly to scalp until entire head is conditioned. Brush hair thoroughly to distribute conditioner evenly. In cases of extreme dryness and breakage, apply Break No More directly to hair. Hair will be replenished with natural herbs and oils. Body, shine and manageability will be apparent after first application. The product promotes the growth of healthy hair, while adding sheen to dull tresses.
23. Oil moisturizer conditioners are used in hair on a daily basis. These conditioners are lotions that protect the hair from hot curling, blow drying and curling irons. Apply the lotion directly to the hair and scalp. Brush hair thoroughly. All Ways Natural’s Oil Moisturizing Conditioning Treatment works fabulously on hair. Squeeze conditioner into palm of hand, apply directly to hair from forehead to nape. Style as usual. Oil Moisturizers are excellent for blow drying. Begin blow drying hair. When hair is partially dried, stop blow drying, apply oil moisturizer to hair and continue blow drying. This technique provides additional protection against the harshness of blow drying.
24. Detangling conditioners are used to untangle hair before brushing and combing begins. Moms love these types of conditioners on their youngster’s hair. Many of these are leave-in conditioners. If you choose a leave-in conditioner, do not wash it out. Detanglers work well on tangled hair. Choose a type suitable for your hair’s condition. Remember to use a detangling comb or a basic wide tooth comb to style hair.
25. Hair and scalp conditioners are designed for daily usage. Beauty supply stores carry a multitude of these products. Know the texture of your hair.


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Excellent information! Thanks CarmenRose. This thread is going on my list of favorites.


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pebbles said:
Excellent information! Thanks CarmenRose. This thread is going on my list of favorites.

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You're all more than welcome. I had this article for years, it was one of the first things that I read regarding hair care before the boards. I've been meaning to post this article for a long long time.