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Weighting hair for growth


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On another long hair forum there was a thread in which people discussed scalp stimulation. One poster said she had a friend who tied small weights to the ends of her dreadlocks at night to stimulate growth.

She didn't say anything about results.
I have heard that braids and beads do the same thing but for those who don't wear them, this may be an interesting idea.

By the way, I found small weights( fishing sinkers) but would not use them because there was a warning label about the dangers of lead.:nono:


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I'm not sure but I would think that the constant strain and tension would cause thinning at the scalp.


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I would be curious to know what the results were too. Seems to me that it would cause tension and increase breakage.


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yea. To me weight = tension, which in most cases causes thinning/breakage. Then again, locs can be kinda heavy because they carry the weight of all the shed hair....who knows...


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I thought I misread the title when I first saw your thread. I think your friend should be aware that traction alopecia can be irreversible. That being said, I remember when I used to wear box braids with fake hair, my hair would grow faster than without them because of the weight. But that is a dangerous game to play with hair... Nah...it aint worth it Honey :) ...