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What is the difference between....



a texturizer and a relaxer? From what I gather, a texturizer is a relaxer that is not left on as long. Who gets a texturizer here? Are there any websites that tell what the big difference between these two?


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i always thought texturizers were left in for less time so that they can loosen the curls pattern while relaxers straightened the hair.

on another note, whats the diff between a silkener and texturizer??


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you ladies are correct about the length of time a relaxer is left on, thereby making it a texturizer. I'm not sure about references that offer more info... I will search, though...


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You can leave it on the same amount of time as you would leave a relaxer (when straightening), but use a milder strength when texturizing. That's what I do. The strength and timing depend on one's hair and the results they're trying to achieve. Relaxers and texturizers can be exactly the same thing. I use a relaxer to texturize. Many others do, as well. Of course, they also make relaxers marketed as "texturizers".