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What Product Combinations Did You Use On Your Hair Today?

Bette Davis Eyes

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SB RW LI on my face and scalp, followed by, SSI Okra Spray and oil this morning, followed by sealing the loose hair in the back with a little of PJN Honey fluff butter.

Last night I twisted the loose hair in the back with CO Honey/Hibiscus Whipped Cream LI
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My new wash n go routine that is the best I’ve found:

wash with design essentials avocado shampoo

condition with Pattern intensive conditioner

brush hair with conditioner still in with a a pattern brush (similar to Denman)

run fingers through hair while applying a generous amount of carols daughter coco creme

add any oil on top to break white cast

this lasts 5-7 days with defined, fluffy soft curls.

Bette Davis Eyes

Melanated Queen
Yesterday combo sucked toes, even with the rainy weather my hair still felt dry.

This morning, I added Asiam More Moisture lotion, then PJN Daily Rice Water cream and sealed it with PJN Honey Butter Fluff.

Sprayed the rest of the braids with SB RW LI and SSI Okra Spray. massaged SSI Okra oil around my edges.


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Deep conditioned with Kerastase something or other
Oil rinsed with a mix of oils and then followed with a combination of rinse out conditioners
Sprayed on my TGIN leave-in
Used Mane Choice Thermal Spray before blow drying.
Used Mane Choice Thermal Serum before flat ironing.