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What Product Combinations Did You Use On Your Hair Today?

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Last night I sprayed my hair with Sirod Naturals Black Rice water spray, then used AsiamNaturally So Much Moisture lotion and sealed it all in with SSI Okra Scalp Stimulating oil.

This morning I sprayed SB Rice Water LI, and then added PJN Max Hydration and sealed it in with SSI Okra Scalp Stimulating oil.

Bette Davis Eyes

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Clay wash with bentonite clay, Rhassoul clay, slippery elm and a tad bit of Cantu beauty ACV root rinse.

steamed in hydrated fenugreek , then steamed in CO More Moisture Please deep conditioner and then CO Whipped Cream leave in conditioner.

air dried in big twists for 2 hours, then twisted with TMC Braidout Glaze
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Very moisturizing, light scent!

Light to medium hold. A little goes a long way!

Best application was on wet hair, can be used on dry hair as well.

I was able to refresh my ends this morning with it. I dampened the ends then re-applied it.

No Coconut oil or Shea Butter.

Irish Moss is the 2nd ingredient, does contain Cupuacu Butter.

(I answered 2x, just in case you missed one of them)


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How is their shipping time?:look:

I ordered, but haven't heard from them?:angry2:
When did you order?

I ordered on the Sunday before Cyber Monday.
I received my package last week.

I do recall getting an email notice about shipping delays.

The Black Friday orders started shipping out on Dec. 18, & the Cyber Monday orders started on Dec. 20.
So that could be the reason for the long wait.

When I ordered from her the 1st time it wasn't nearly as long a wait time.

I think a lot of companies didn't really take in the amount of orders and shipping times properly. I keep seeing similar complaints about other natural hair companies.

Have you sent her an email inquiry?