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What Product Combinations Did You Use On Your Hair Today?

Bette Davis Eyes

The "OG" Product Junkie
  1. pre poo with Negesbanda Tea Moist Rescue Therapy Multi purpose Hair Milk
  2. shampoo with Negesbanda Hydration Shampoo
  3. Deep condition with Negesbanda Supercharged Hydration Deep conditioner
  4. Leave in with Negesbanda Tea Moist Rescue Therapy Multi purpose Hair Milk on one side with a little Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion on the other ( had to shampoo the right side with some of Bekura cleansing froth to get ecoslay jelloshot out)
  5. Braided later with PJN Bougie Curls and Honey FSG Buttercream for braidout.

Bette Davis Eyes

The "OG" Product Junkie
Last night Hairgarten Carrot Crush Refresher followed by Hairgarten Carrot Crush Hair Butter , sealed with the Hairgarten Carrot Crush Moisture lock oil. Braided.

Sprayed Scalp with Oujoi Growth spritz and oil.


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Bette Davis Eyes

The "OG" Product Junkie
Used Africas Miracle Hair Milk and Negesbanda Rosemary Castor Pomade, braided the front.

The back used Africas Miracle Hair milk and Chebe Pudding, sealed with Negesbanda Rosemary Castor Pomade, two tucked ponytails in the back. Sprayed scalp parts with Oujoi Mango/honey Scalp spray.


Ayurvedic Life
Remoisturized my twists.

• Brina Organics Fenugreek & Chebe Spray (liquid): sprayed scalp & length
• NJoy Essentials Growth Oil (oil): scalp oil
• Melanin Hair Care Leave In (moisturizer): squeeze and rubbed into the length
• HennaSooq Goddess Spray (oil): rubbed it in my hands and rubbed and squeezed into length