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What Product Combinations Did You Use On Your Hair Today?


Aka Giveme D’Monee
Just the TGIN Green Tea and Shea Nilotica to do the twists.
I forgot to mention that I used this throwback gel (Clear Ice)everybody used to use back in the day. I added a little of this to my ends to remotely tuck my ends in. It’s actually kinda nice lol feels really smooth on the ends and dried without flaking. I was heavy handed with all of the above products. There’s a picture of my hair in the protective styles thread.


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Spritz my hair/scalp with fenugreek tea,used SSI”Juicy curls”milkshake to moisturize,on my scalp used CHC”herbal hair oil,Yadin”JBCO butter” on the length & to seal Honeys handmade”restore”

Happy Hair Growing!