What Product Combinations Did You Use On Your Hair Today?

Bette Davis Eyes

The "OG" Product Junkie
Cowashed my hair with one of Hairgarten cowashes, then styled with The Doux Big Poppa and Bee girl curl Custard.

I sat under the dryer 40 minutes but it’s not really set and I sleep wild so I know in the AM imma
Look like who done it.

I’ll probably wash again in two days with the same combo because it’s fire together.
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PJ Rehabilitation Center
Olaplex 0 & 3
Curls & Potions Bamboo FRW Rinse and Claudie's Renew Protein DC'er
Olaplex *5 as a R/O and Olaplex 8 as a DC'er

Bette Davis Eyes

The "OG" Product Junkie
Last night

Shampoo'd with AG Balance, Conditioned with AG Boost, then added Elizavecca protein treatment. Rinsed and added UFD CM as a leave in, followed by Trepadora Papaya Slip potion, with Trepadora Bamboo Ginseng Glaze on top for a washngo.