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What the [email protected]%! Freakish growth spurt


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Very nice! I might have to start drinking the nettle with results like that!!! Congrats!
Yay! :yay: I am very happy about the growth. And nettle tastes to me just like plain black tea. I add a little honey to it for sweetness and drink it hot. It's easy to just microwave it and go on about my business. I got mine from herbalremedies.com I hope I spelled that right. Anyways it was organic nettle leaf tea in that burnished red box that says NOW on it. It only cost me about 3 dollars and change, which is what a box of regular tea costs anyways and has 30 tea bags in it. So anyways, I bought two boxes and thought, what's the worst thing that can happen, I just replaced lipton with this and I'll see.