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What's On YOUR Black Friday Wish List????


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Hey Divas!

Black Friday is Fast Approaching! Have you made your list?

So far, I'm thinking about getting:

1 32 Ounce Bottle of Jessicurl Too Shea

Something from Claudie

Something from HV

SheScentIt 2 16 ounce Pomegrante Conditioners 1 16 ounce Okra, 1 Marshmallow Hair Cream

2 Darcy Botanicals Deep Conditioners

*Miscellaneous* which covers vendors that currently on my wish-list but have good deals like Oyin, Qhemet etc.......

These are all Contingent on the Discounts/Sales

So....What Are YOU Getting?


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hmmmm ive been going back and forth with my list for a while now.

i guess ill get:
oyin honey hemp conditioner
MHC olive you deep conditioner
kbb hair mask
32oz kckt

and since i still have a GC for aveyou:
curl junkie smoothing lotion(i can never have enough of this)


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Pibbs Qwik Dry - first and foremost on the list

The list is still a work in progress
Qhemet Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee &/or Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee
Extra dark jbco
Maybe some Sabino Moisture Block
Misc vendor items with my groupon


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My list changes almost daily and will probably change each time a new post is added here lol.

Right now it's...
Oyin ~ Burnt Sugar Pomade, Hair Dew
Curl Junkie ~ Smoothing Lotion, Beauticurls Leav-In, Daily Smoothing Condish (I have a $75 groupon for this)
Silk Dreams ~ Go Moist Shampoo, Destination Hydration Condish...possibly the leave-in
Terresentials ~ hair wash
Qhemet ~ A&O Heavy Cream and Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee


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oh and i might get some powders and clays. like amla powder, and rhassoul clay. oh and maybe some murumuru butter for the winter.

and i dont know if i will get it but i am very interested in terressential mud wash or whatever its called.


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Oyin Hair dew

Banana Brulee'
Avacado Conditioner
Papaya Souffle' or the Brazilnut cream

CURL JUNKIE: Argan Conditioner

DONNA MARIE: new Whip hair cream

Hair Therapy Wrap for deep conditioning


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From Marie Dean (it's all IDareT'sHair's fault! :nono: ):

- Green Hemp Conditioner
- Simply Conditioner
- Vanilla Repair Conditioning Mask
- Herbal Henna Hair Buttercream

From hotcombs.net:

- Magic Mini Star Rake

- HS1975 Styling Comb

- HS696W Styling Comb


Whisper "bleep boop" to yourself when you're sad.
divachyk Extra Dark JBCO? Where can I get my hands on summa that?

guyanesesista Sally's GVP flat irons are made by the same company who makes CHI. They're basically the same product, GVP is just way cheaper. :yep:


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MOAR oyin handmade!
-honey hemp
-maybe whipped shea
-hair dew

Aubrey Organics - GPB and and maybe honeysuckle rose

Bee Mine - Curly butter

Hair Therapy Wrap

and some regular rollers so that i can try rollersetting.


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Hello, hair divas! :D

-I definitely need to use up my various, *ahem* multiple :sekret: Aveyou groupons. I know I want to get another Mason Pearson comb or two and the rest will go towards Curl Junkie.
-Qhemet. :love: I want to try AOHC as a dcer. I got a sample and it was too thick but I think it would work better as a dc on my hair. Then there's the new butter and the CTDG that I still haven't tried. Shame on me! :poke:
-Claudie. More of her dc and maybe some of her protein treatment. :D


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Hmm let's see:

-Oyin Hair Dew-33oz
-Oyin HH-32oz
-Oyin Shine & Define
-DM DCC and MiraCurl Curling Jelly
-CJ Smoothing Lotion
-SM Yucca & Aloe Milk and Coconut & Hibiscus Milk
-Full lace wig
-DB madagascar vanilla twisting cream
More to come...
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A new hooded dryer
Qhemet Biologics - Burdock Root Cream (am I saying that right?) I want to try that
Oyin Handmade - Hair Dew (my staple), Whipped Pudding