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What's up with your hair right now?


My hair is doing great. I wash and condition it a bunch. But I think I am going to cut down. I am plan on doing a BC within the next 6 months. Paying so much attention to it now seems pointless.


New Member
My hair is shedding like crazy. :wallbash: I just read the shedding/breaking support thread...I just need to find Sistaslick's thread. I don't know if its the weather change or what, but I need to do something fast. I've used Garlic shampoo and it has helped, but I think I may try the Alter Ego garlic treatment to see if that will work better.


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I just washed out a henna treatment. Rinsed thoroughly with water- now sitting under the dryer with cholesterol/glycerine. In a half hour- i will add more cholesterol mixed with yogurt , honey and castor oil. My aunt said that it looked thicker yesterday. My one problem spot is filling in too. I am pleased with my efforts.