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Which Hair Threads Are Your Subscribed To?

Lady Esquire

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I'm curious. There are some genius threads here. I checked out my subscription list and I realized that I am not subscribed to threads that were most helpful for me. Off the top of my head, there are a few SistaSlick threads (but I printed those out..so they're readily available to me).

Out of habit, most times I subscribe to a thread, simply as a reminder to read through it later, or to check on the progress of the posts. Now I am on a hunt for threads you found to be the most impactful.

Here are some I have subscribed to:

Keratin Treatment Support Thread
Read this before you buy anything else!!!
Self-Relax Support Thread
small TWEAKS for big RESULTS
Seven Habits of Beautifully Haired People
The mother of all moisturizers ?
My Hair is Drenched in Moisture!
Ayurvedic (Indian) Powders...(Now I've Got Them, How Shall I Use Them?)
What is your child's regimen?
Promoting Hair Growth With Essential Oils
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Lady Esquire

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IDK how to post my links all pretty like that...

:lol: I just taught myself earlier today!

Open another window.
Go to your User CP and pull up your list of subscriptions.
Hit the first thread you'd like to list, open it, and copy the link
Come back to this thread/reply.
Hit insert link (the globe icon underneath the smiley face drop-down icon).