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White Husband Strangles Black Wife


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*rolls eyes* I just love how the article said "the couple had a history of violence" ...more like he had a history of abusing her.
The video said that neighbors saw the couple fighting often but no police report filed.
What does "fight" mean? Was he beating her on the front lawn and no one did anything about it?
She was pretty young. So sad.

ETA: He looks crazier than a betsy bug in his mug shot.
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Now if the husband was a 42 year old black man that murdered his sweet little innocent 22 year old white wife...it would be all over CNN. Her picture would be everywhere!
Because it interferes not only with how whites are viewed but also how swirlers are viewed. I notice how empty this one is compared to the black guy hitting the white chick lol. *shrug*


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True but the thread about the girl whose bf verbally abused her going on about how he voted for Trump got 2 responses.

while the one about dude whose oyibo gf is Trump supporter is about 4 pages in atm
Oh? I'm not the only one who noticed this ? :lol:
This was just posted
According to my time, the thread was posted at 10:30 ish. Like two hours after the other. And it was a new topic with a very obvious title. It is now 3:28 pm. But you know, it's whatever :lol:.