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White Husband Strangles Black Wife


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Oh? I'm not the only one who noticed this ? :lol:

According to my time, the thread was posted at 10:30 ish. Like two hours after the other. And it was a new topic with a very obvious title. It is now 3:28 pm. But you know, it's whatever :lol:.

Which threads?

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Ya'll do realize that everybody except for Kimora Lee Simmons-GiveMeFree-Lessnor looks crazy in a mugshot. I'm seriously doubting dude showed up for a first date with blood on his face and meth eyes. How about we give this black woman the benefit of the doubt that her husband didn't introduce himself by saying "Hi I'm Jon and I'll be murdering you and leaving our children orphans." This woman was barely out of her teens when she was married with her first baby, close to having another one on the way and married to a man old enough to be her father at that. She was a kid in a miserable situation.

People get snarky and go on about jealous older women and whatnot but when 43 year old me tells these young girls in their 20's and teens to stay away from much older men it's not out of fear of competition, it's because I've seen how this particular game works and the girls on the other end don't fair well.

The reason why this story isn't nationwide is that the only people who care about black women are other black women and that care takes a back seat if a black man has been murdered or otherwise maligned by someone of a different race.


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Because it interferes not only with how whites are viewed but also how swirlers are viewed. I notice how empty this one is compared to the black guy hitting the white chick lol. *shrug*

Threads with men hitting women after the women hit first are always very long here. It's a divisive topic and people take very strong positions on either side.

But since you opened the door, I'll walk through it. How are swirlers viewed?


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This man looks completely off his rocker in that pic!! My heart hurts for this woman and her babies! She was beautiful and talented. I'm sick that not only is his bail not high enough, this POS admitted to murdering another person and he still could be released on that bond and fall off the map..

And I would have never seen this if it wasn't for this site so this isn't being covered as it should be.. This man deliberately killed this woman and he has a 300K bail..

I know it's because no one cares about us but us.. Black women are the most underprotected and underappreciated people walking around here.. We care about others but no one cares about us...

But people swear on life that swirling when it's bw/wm is the bees knees though...

Let me shut up and take my ssa on...