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White Security Guard Pulls Gun On Black Cop In Full Uniform Because The Black Cop Had A Gun


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I've been trying to keep track of this story because I want this security guard to pay for what he did. Seems it will be a little tougher now since he pleaded not guilty and is claiming he drew his gun because citizens are not allowed to carry weapons in Federal buildings. Law enforcement officers are only allowed to hold on to their weapons if they are on official business but because the officer said he was there on personal business he could not bring his gun in.

The updated article I read said the officer asked if there was a lock box to put his gun in since there are lockboxes in other Federal buildings to do so. The security guard told him no and that he had to leave it in his car. Of course the officer said he wasn't going to do that and his police captain stands behind him on that saying his officers obviously can't leave unsecured weapons in their cars.

They've released new body cam video that shows by the security guard's own admission that the officer asked for a supervisor after he told him he had to leave. The security ignored that request but came clean to the other cops that he doesn't have a supervisor on site. That tells you this dude wanted to exercise power and probably thought this would go a different way.

So they will probably use this now as an excuse to get this piece of trash off. The thing is the man was obviously a racist idiot who would have been too happy to put one in this officer's back. Because if that's all it was why pull a gun? He couldn't have just been like "sorry man, the law states blah blah blah...come back when you're off duty because I can't let you in with your weapon if you aren't here on official business. Sucks, but it's the law" and then let the cop be on his way. And then after all of that he tried to detain the cop. For what? He was leaving! What did he think was going to happen once the police got there?

They claim he's been fired and his pretrial is set for later this month.