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Who Does Natural Hair Best?!


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Hi Ladies! I am considering cutting a lot of my hair out due to a condition that left my hair dry, broken, and weak. Since I would be starting over, I want to learn the best practices for natural hair care. I also want to go to the best hair stylist possible to help me (I live in Florida). Who is the best on the internet (and in real life) when it comes to getting natural hair super healthy as quickly as possible?


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Hi! I went through something similar with my hair. If you're going to Big Chop (cut off a lot of hair), or do a mini BC, you can do it yourself or go to any stylist.

As for who the best is at getting hair super healthy, quickly....that needs to be You. This is a great place to learn. There is a search function, so that you don't have to look through every thread. Do searches for Regimen, Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-In, Oil, Butter, Protective Style, Moisturizer, and Protein. Find out what your hair type is, and then find out what products your hair likes...there are a million product lines, and your hair will like what it likes. And once you find it, stick to it...bandwagon hopping leads to set backs.

My Regimen is:
-Wash & Go - Wash hair with a cleansing conditioner (Wen, Deva-Curl No Poo, HydroQuench Systems) 3-4 times a week. Run oil through my hair. Condition & detangle. Apply curl cream, shake, and done.
- Protective Style - Pineapple hair at night with Buff Headgear, next day spray with water, shake, and go.
- Overnight Deep Condition (DC) with Mega Tek every Friday for Protein.
- Take hair vitamins daily for hair & body health
- Trim when needed.

I use Wen, Deva-Curl No Poo, Hydroquench Systems Coconut & Lime Oil cleanser (Etsy), Tresseme Naturals Moisture Conditioner, a mix of Coconut & Castor oils, Mega Tek, and AG re:Coil Curl Activator Curl Cream. I very very rarely use shampoo, so I don't have any to recommend.

HTH!! Good Luck!!


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Good product lines in no particular order:
Aubrey Organics
Silk Dreams
Macadamia Natural Oil
Curls Line
Kinky Curly
Curl Junkie
Shea Moisture
Dominican products...
P.S. Dont buy them all:)


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Maybe you can try to nurse it back to health. Do you take any vitamins? A good multivitamin can help balance out any internal deficiencies.

When I'm nursing my hair, I put it into a low manipulation style. For me that's either cornrows and wigs or mini braids. I can leave either style in for a while and neither one requires a lot of daily manipulation. I only manipulate it while M&Sing day and night. I also keep my hair covered in either a satin bonnet or satin skull cap while I'm around the house. It helps to protect my strands from the environment and my fingers.:grin:

I hope you find a remedy soon! :)
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I am thinking of cutting my hair low and starting over. I may wear braids or a wig until it grows out a bit.