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Why do we want "long" hair?


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I want long hair because
1) I've never had it. The longest my hair was was about APL, and it was in locs then.
2) The STYLES! The HAIRTOYS! The UPDO's!! Seriously, I'm not a PJ, and that's just cuz I'm storing all that junkie energy up for hairtoys! :lachen:
3) I've always wanted it - I used to play with the towel too as a child, but I ALWAYS bunned mine up/had it in some glorious 'cascade' of curls.
4) I think I'mma look damn good, and I'll be able to make some mouths drop.... and ummhmm, that's a reason, and I say it's a valid one, dammit. :lol:


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1. I've never had it. I've never been past shoulder length!
2. I want to tie it in a knot, tie it in a bow, and swing it over my shoulder. :lol:
3. I really want strong hair - which is why I'm here.


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I want long hair because I like long hair. I think it's beautiful. I think it's a blessing, and it's just what I want for me.

I think short cuts are beautiful, but this is just my personal choice for myself.

Also I like disproving black hair myths with my own growth.



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I thought short hair did not become the fashion in American society until the 20's. In some African cultures, children have their hair cut as a matter of tribal culture not because it would not grow. (Forget the myths). Long hair was a natural thing to have in all cultures until someone decided within the different societies that short, sculpted, shaped hair was de rigeur! bonjour


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Well, when I had short hair I was "CUTE", when I had medium length hair I was "PRETTY", and when I had long hair I was "SEXY". At this age I WANT MY SEXY BACK.:bdance:It's more about a coming of age thing for me. And even after 3 kids I think I've still got IT!:D:hula: