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Why do you want long hair...(kinda long)


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Or have long hair for those who have achieved their goals.

When I first asked myself this question, I kinda made myself uncomfortable. The surface response would be that yes, I would receive more attention from men... and women. Or maybe because I secretly belived the whole good hair/bad hair thing. But as I dug deeper, I realized that my hair is just another form oppression. Because in my mind I really believed that my hair couldn't grow. Not only that, but everything I was doing was keeping it from growing. I am so happy that there are other women who refuse to be locked into a cycle. For a lot of us its not about long hair, but the knowledge of how to care for it. Black hair doesn't have to be dry and brittle and break. Black women don't have to hide underneath weaves or feel self concious about their hair anymore. By growing my hair I am proving to myself and others, that black women can have long hair.

I notice alot of women on the board have careers and are smart and well spoken. Lets continue to shatter myths about people of color and our community. This board is proof that by educating ourselves and working together we will excel.(Even if it is about our hair!


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i didnt start out to grow it, just get it back healthy, but i'm liking it this length (aiming for more inches of course
) AND it's healthy so i cant complain
This site does motivate you to grow it --- just because you can
-- jainygirl


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I just like long hair and I like the styling options of long hair. When I had my hair too short (only the front), I didn't feel like I could do much with it. Plus, everytime I would get a haircut, it would not be done the way I wanted.


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teenie said:
The main reason is because my husband likes long hair.

[/ QUOTE ]

awwww so cute
do you prefer long hair too?


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I mainly want healthy, beautiful hair with a good, simple hair regime. Long healthy hair would be a bonus.
I look at this as a fun challenge to see how long I can grow my hair while learning how to best care for it.


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I had long hair most of my life and decided to cut it all off a few years back when I was making changes in life and now that I'm making more changes I want to grow it back to the way it was before


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I want long hair because I think it's sexy & feminine. I haven't had long hair since I was a little girl.


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I want healthy, long hair. I don't want to grow it to midback and then have to turn around and cut it because of some sort of damage.

An abundance of healthy hair adds a little confidence to me.


teenie said:
The main reason is because my husband likes long hair.

[/ QUOTE ]

me too
plus I know a few people that don't believe that black women can have long hair w/o it being a weave. Not only do I want it long, but I want it healthy and thanks to the ladies on this board I've got very little split ends. I'm also 6 months pregnant so that might have something to do with it also
, but before I got pregnant my hair was healthy an growing because of this board.


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KrazyKurlz said:
Long hair adds more options to styling and depeding on your hair type it could be very pretty.

[/ QUOTE ]
I think long hair is very pretty on any hair type.


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divine said:
cuz my bf said he was going to shank me if I didn't grow it back.

[/ QUOTE ]

Awww how sweet is that? And they say chivilry (sp?) is dead
I grow my hair because I can... and I what to show other people that just because I'm black doesn't mean I'm sentenced to living life with a weave or dry, brittle, breaking hair.


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#1 I really like the versatility of styling options on long hair.

#2 I want to show "my people" that a woman can have healthy, long hair & in it's natural state to boot

#3 I think long hair is flattering on me

#4 I think long hair is sexy


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I've ALWAYS thought that long hair was beautiful on women. (unless, of course, it's stringy and damaged)


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At this point in my life I want healthy hair. I also think there are more styling options with long hair. It's more fun for me. Back in the day I use to see the attention that long haired women would get no matter what and I thought I wanted to to receive that attention from men. Now I could care less what they think. I want it for me.


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Versatility! And it is something I have always wanted to have, I could care less if men like my hair long or short. It is about what I like.


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i love the way healthy thick long hair looks.
i like a challenge. i'm the type of person that if you tell me i can't do something i'll prove you wrong. lots of people(family and friends)have said my hair will never be long. i don't like being told what i can and can't do. i know that long hair is achievable. so thats another reason why i wanna grow it.


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Same here, I had heathly,thick long hair as a child and screwed it up when I became the one responsible for taking care of it in about 7th grade or so. It's a personal challenge to get it back to where it was....even healthier at that!

lsubabiedee said:
i just want my hair to look like it did when i was younger

[/ QUOTE ]


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I guess for me it's being able to style it. I like doing styles with my own hair. Even though other people think I have weave in my hair. And I don't just want long hair, I want healthy hair, like many of the other ladies.


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I guess I have several reasons, that match most of what was said here. I think long hair looks best on me. I love the challenge of actually getting the length I want. My hair was never "enough" for me. Even when it was long, I didn't think it was full enough, I didn't like my sides, so I always pulled them up, etc. I let other people dictate what my hair "should" look like. And inevitably, I would end up breaking or damaging my hair in some significant way. So this time it's a personal challenge and an opportunity to build a truly loving relationship w/my hair. I think of long hair as a sustained period of health. So I want to see how long and to what degree I will commit myself to the health of my hair. That's why I come here everyday too!

My other reasons have to do w/self identity, b/c I think myself as a person w/long hair and my head at this time isn't matching my definition @ the moment!!! I also think length gives you more options, but I remember never doing anything that I can't or don't do now w/my hair other than feeling comfortable wearing it down. And finally, I think long hair is very feminine and sensual, and it increases my confidence.


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I guess I just want to prove a lot of people wrong!!

I have always wanted to know how long it can grow!

I think long hair is beautiful!


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I've always thought that long hair was beautiful..no matter what the type was. I think that it flatters my face and I must admit that I like the longer it gets, the more attention I get from both sexes.

I think that women with long hair generally just get noticed more.


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Because I have a long face that looks better w/ at least shoulder length hair. I've gone extremely short and natural and while I loved the simple upkeep, the style was not flattering on me at all. Some people look fabulous with short hair (Halle Berry) and some do not.


There are 2 reasons I want long, healthy hair:
1. I want to see how long it will grow. I've never had really long hair. The longest it's been is about 4 or 5 inches past my shoulders. So I just want to see if I can grow it to midback.

2. It's easier for me to handle my hair when it's longer than when it's short.


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I'd just love to hair my hair long again (bra strap length), so that I can have the middle & front cut into layers for more versatility


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I want long hair b/c as some have already said, it is feminine and the range of hair styles that one can do is greater when the hair is long.