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Why do you want long hair...(kinda long)


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It's attractive (as long as it's above waist length)
You can make several different styles with it
I cut my hair back in Oct2003 and want it back
It will encourage me not to cut my hair if my hair is really long
I miss the comments about my hair
I like learning new things such as learning how to grow your hair long


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*For the challenge-like running to see how far you can get
*To be like my Great Grandmother-a braid down to her bottom
*B/C some people including "our own" think we can't have it!


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My main reason is that I think it looks elegant. I cut my hair into a short hairstyle about 3 years ago, like really short Halle Berry Hair but I found that it was too difficult to manage and was expensive to maintain. I then looked around me and noticed that everyone/anyone could have short hair, but it didnt seem like everyone could have long healthy hair. I wanted to be one of those few that could and decided to grow my hair back. I havent looked back since.


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lonei your hair is lovely


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Hmm.... very, very interesting ladies. I guess when I wrote this post I was kinda p.o'd coming back from sociolgy class (we know how that can go). I know alot of us were told we could never grown our hair long, or have healthy hair. But we're proving them wrong w/ every inch we gain! Ha ha!!! From your responses I've concluded we grow our hair....
1- For vesatility and styling options
2- For attention from pratically everyone
3- For personal satisfaction

Ironically when my hair was short (and it was healthy) I did way more w/ it than I do now. The longer it gets the lazier I become.

Thank you for all you responses ladies!! Please keep posting.


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My Reason is Because i've always wanted long hair since a child,but never achieved it( I cut my own which resulted in it being cut and didn't grow back if it did I had to get it cut cuz it was uneven)...and Plus I like long hair as appose to short....Also.. My boyfriend finds long hair sexy and hey *shrugs*


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lsubabiedee said:
i just want my hair to look like it did when i was younger

[/ QUOTE ]



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I've always had just shoulder length hair. I thought that was as good as it would get for me. I was never able to break the shoulder length plateau. Then I learned how to care for my hair from Cathy Howse and joined this board and I have broken shoulder length plateau. At this time, my hair is mid-back length. I hope to reach waste length over the next couple of years so that I can be a walking advertisement for all the sister who are where I used to be. I know that not all women want long hair and that's fine, I would also want to share with them proper hair care to keep their short hair looking great.


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Nay said:
I've ALWAYS thought that long hair was beautiful on women. (unless, of course, it's stringy and damaged)

[/ QUOTE ]

Me too.
And I LOVE the styling options that I have now that my hair is longer!!
I've ALWAYS looked at women who had long hair, envying them because of all the cute styles they could have -- now I can do them too!!
(Too bad it took half my life to get to this point, but hey, better late than never, right??


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I have always liked long hair. I think long hair at any length can be beautiful so long as it is cared for.


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Great post!
I have always wanted long hair ever since I knew what hair was. I have a big head
, and I just don't think that short hair suites my particular facial shape. Besides that I guess I do derive some satisfaction in proving people wrong when they think that black women can't grow longer hair. :)


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I want long hair now because when I had years ago, I couldn't enjoy it. Also, long hair brings more styling options for me.


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I want long hair mostly b/c I did as a child and could never grow it back to above bra strap simply b/c I didn't know exactly how to take care of it. I've been able to grow it shoulder length but it would always break off. Now that I know protective styling hopefully it'll grow back to its potential length.

Besides that, I also like the attention and miss the compliments from both sexes. There's more styling options and I too want to prove people wrong.


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I like my hair long because it gives me the freedom to put my hair in a cute ponytail when I am not in the mood for styling it....


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The reason I want my hair long is because I want to prove everyone wrong that black women can grow their hair to great lenghts just like all of the other races out there.

Every since I could remember when I was a little girl I wanted long hair. I would go to school an notice all of the other races of girls have long hair and always wondered what was wrong with my hair! Why isnt my hair long? Questions like that had me on looking for ways to grow my hair ever since and years later I fould this wonderful board that has help me achieve lenghts now that I have never had in my life and will coutinue to help me get to my goals and past my goal points.


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Lot's of ways to style it and it is very feminine. Also, it is very becoming on me, and I need a lift these days.


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I've always wanted long hair! There are so many styles I want to try ( once I get to that lenght! )My husband likes the look also


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1. I like it
2. I like the versatility of wearing up in a bun/chignon/in a ponytail or loose, curly, or straight down my back or wash and go
3.I had short hair in college, been there done that
4. I like the positive attention

5. proud that I've managed to keep the hair on my head despite the "notion" that certain hair types can't grow long, I've taken care of what God gave me which is hair and I've decide to wear it long and relaxed...


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I've wanted long hair every since I was a little girl and I would put a towel on my hair and swing it and pretend that
it was my hair


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I love my coily hair texture and want as much as possible. Long hair is very feminine and beautiful and I love the option of pulling it back in a ponypuff/bun.
And yall I ain't gonna lie, I like attention


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I like long hair because it is much more easy to deal with. besides I can't find a nice hair cut to fit my face shape, I have a oval head I think lol not to sure, so long hair is what's best for me right now at least that's what everyone says


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Always wanted long hair
I love the options available
I hope that I may get it past shoulder length with my natural hair - my hair seems healthier/thicker natural - so hopefully I may achieve this goal!


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vanillabean said:
I like long hair because it is much more easy to deal with. besides I can't find a nice hair cut to fit my face shape, I have a oval head I think lol not to sure, so long hair is what's best for me right now at least that's what everyone says

[/ QUOTE ]

Ditto...including the oval head (I think)

I used to keep my hair short, thinking it was easier to maintain...NOT! I find that my hair is so much easier to handle on a bad-hair-day when I have enough to throw in a bun, roll or ponytail. I don't have those options when my hair is shorter than my collarbone.


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ME TOO!!!!!!!! Used to walk around th ehouse with my big ole towel draping down my back!:O)
Had my striped hair swinging in the air!!!!:O)


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mikki727 said:
I want long hair because I think it's sexy & feminine. I haven't had long hair since I was a little girl.

[/ QUOTE ]

Same with me. I can be more creative with long hair than with short hair.


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Long hair gives me the option to do what I want with my hair - absolutely nothing. If I do nothing to it (roll, wrap, bantu knot, etc.), it will still look absolutely great pulled up into an updo. Short hair requires more effort to maintain, and I just don't have the time nor do I want to make the time to do that. I've always been lazy when it comes to my hair and the more I leave it alone, the better it stays on my head.