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Good morning Ladies,

I just started the WIG CHALLENGE 2011 thread, and copied over everyone's name. Please post in the new thread if you plan to continue "wiggin" in 2011 or just PM me to have your name removed.

The Wig Challenge is still in effect until December 31, 2010 but I know many of you want to get a start on your "hair" resolutions for the New Year.

Happy Holidays!
Curli Diva


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This is one of my new favorites - Mommy Wig by Janet Collection, human hair in color 1 (they did not have 1B).

It reminds me of Halle's short cut


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I REALLY love that mommy wig!!! I'm thinking I may get it as a Christmas gift for myself. :lol: Or tell my DH to get it for me. :lol: My hair has been cuttin up and shedding since having my baby, and I'm trying to find a protective style to give my hair a rest. :sad:


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I love how wigs look on everyone else but on me they always look so "wiggy". Is there a secret to making them look more natural?


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Uhm okay ladies, that Lady Michelle wig by Freetress Equal? GO GET IT - NOW!!! It was one of my wigs I ordered for Black Friday from EbonyLine.com. I have been wearing it since Saturday and have gotten soooo many compliments. At church, at work from both my coworkers and the customers, hell even the guy who does our shipment said my hair looked great today LOL People legit think this is my real hair. i keep telling them its a wig and you should see the look on their faces :lol: I initially wanted 2 but they only had the 1B

Freetress Equal Lace Front Wig - Lady Michelle