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I'm so happy to see this challenge! I'm in!/B] I have been wearing a wig this whole time and will continue to do so until the end of the year. My regimen is simple... I wash, condition, detangle and cornrow my hair once a week. I moisturize my hair with a light mist of water and seal with whatever oil mix I have made whenever my hair feels dry (about every 2 to 3 days) in-between washes. And repeat!

Lady S

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Finally, I bought this wig. It looked so pretty to me!

...BUT when I put it on, it just seemed like WAYYYYYYYY too much hair so I cut it...A LOT! :)

What ya'll think??? :)

It looks very natural on you! I have the same half wig, but I keep it thick and poofy. I love it.


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I'm still rocking Jamacian Girl. I keep repurchasing it over and over, so everyone at works actually thinks it's my real hair. However, I would like to change it up a bit, so I'm looking at San Francisco and/or Verona Girl.


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I am in love with OUTRE's halfwigs, and it doesn't help my addiction that my BSS has almost every one of their half wigs in stock in a brown #2. Had to make some tough decisions lol...just got Nene this weekend! Loving her, but I cut her 5 inches. It was just too much hair for me.



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Hey Ladies!

I'm back to wearing my wigs daily as of last week. I actually stopped wearing them for about 6 months :ohwell: Now I'm back on track with the Mommy wig. My hair is braided underneath and I am applying a sulfur oil to my scalp daily :grin:



I've ben wiggin it for a full month now. I normally have to get a new one at this point but AMA still looks good (perhaps its because this one is human hair). I did wash out for the first time tonight. Its air drying now. I hope it will still look the same. I've got my flat iron on deck, lol.

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Mane.Attraction Those wigs suit your face well.

As for me, after washing and airdrying my wig (AMA), I couldn't get it to "fall" right so I took it to the wig shop for a "wash and restyle" (15 bucks). This will be my first time using this service and I'm hoping it turns out great. While at the shop, I purchased Chelsea by Born Free (Human Hair/Color 1). I'm on a human hair kick. It looks so real, lol. Pun intended.

Bump Bump Bump, because it has been way too quiet up in here. Where is everyone and how are you all doing?


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i'm only 2 1/2 weeks in. i orderd two half wigs/ponytails--Creta girl (1b/30) and Badu (from superbeautydepot.com). i recently learned how to cornrow and, after major trimming of Creta girl (not quite ready for that much hair), i wear her with a headband. i tried Badu, an afro puff--but she's more of a pony tail and unfortunately the color was wrong (1b). since my order was split, i have another Badu coming in the right color and an Isis Red Carpet Premiere half wig/pony tail TP 04, and New Born Free's Chade. I've also ordered from hairsisters.com Freetress' Tracy and Celtic girl. Can't wait for them to arrive.

so far my routine has been to shampoo once a week (its been hot!), cowash mid-week. deep condition weekly, leave-in and seal with coconut oil or shea butter. i'm moisturing my ends every night and wrapping my hair. i'm finding that, with the heat and humidity, the back of my hair eventually comes loose (fine 3c part).

i joined LHCF at the beginning of July, starting with a 2in twa (after semi-bc 2 1/2 inches of color/hardwater damage in May). Rigth now, I get very little breaking or shedding, and I've noticed I'm not having as big an issue with SSK like before. I plan to check for growth at the end of August to see if my reg is working. I plan to use full wigs for the winter, and researching videos on YT on making my own wig.


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I'm taking a break from the wigs for the moment. Been wearing my hair in mini-twists for a week now and will see how long that last then it's back to wigs. :)

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I have a general question: do you ladies wear ONE wig until it tangles up or do you wear different styles of wigs? I usually wear one wig (Outre Jessica) until it tangles and then pull out a new one, but I want to mix it up in terms of styles like curls one day, wavy the next couple days, straight the next, etc. I get bored easily when I wear one look all the time.

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Apologies ladies as I never updated any info here but I have worn a wig 90% of the time. I'm back in! # Be on the look out for 'type 4' wigs now. At least some curlies anyway.


PS. blackberry815 I've kept my hair in 'rows; or twists when rushing after a wash, pinning the extended 'tail' between each row.


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I have a general question: do you ladies wear ONE wig until it tangles up or do you wear different styles of wigs? I usually wear one wig (Outre Jessica) until it tangles and then pull out a new one, but I want to mix it up in terms of styles like curls one day, wavy the next couple days, straight the next, etc. I get bored easily when I wear one look all the time.

I was mixing it up, but this past year I've been sticking with one style.


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I've been wigging since 8/1 but joined LHCF at the beginning of July. I think i finally have my routine and PS down. it really feels good!

I've been looking at more wigs...really trying to find my style. I currently wear Creta girl, which I cut down significantly and even removed a few tracks--she was just too much for me. i wear her every day and she's been holding up really well.

i've got an order thru hairwigharlem for some shorter, human hair wigs but am still trying to find 'the' one. i think, because i've kept my own hair short for so long, i'm not quite comfortable with the longer wigs, even though I've found many that match my own hair texture.

I mentioned in another thread about transitioning wigs--start short and then switch up in length to match my hair growth. when you think about it, you don't go from short to long overnight, so in my head it kinda makes sense. :)

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nisemac that's so true. I've been trying to find wigs that are similar to my texture but haven't found anything yet.

Have enjoyed people simply thinking I relax my hair though.


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Taking another mini-break from the wigs this week since it has been so hot; been wearing a braid out instead. Will start back to wearing my wigs next week.


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Took a break from the wig wearing off and on for about 3 weeks. Now that I'm working out regularly it has become a bit annoying to have to deal with my hair on a daily basis so I'm going back to the wigs. :)


Here I grow again!
I've been doing some wig shopping online and here's what I'm looking at:

Freetress Equal - Hera
Freetress Equal - Parson
Freetress Equal - Sonel

Although, I did find something comparable to Sonel. It's "Gina" in the "It's a Wig" line. And here I am wearing her:

I'm also looking at some hot wigs from Beshe. Check out:


Mmmm hmmm. *snaps* I'm having too much fun shopping. I hope I can find these locally. I really prefer trying them on.

So there! That's my check in.


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Im still wearing my wigs I took a two week break and bunned but I didn't like how much product I had to use to get my hair smooth so back to my wigs right now in wearing an olive oil and Shea infused wig cap

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I've worn wigs pretty much all of 2011 except for twice when I got my hair flat ironed. I wore it out 2 weeks each time I think. And recently wore some twists for two weeks. Will see my hair out and flat ironed for the first time in several months; so hopefully all this wig wearing has been beneficial.
CurliDiva - I saw that the leader of another challenge has the participants "thank" her rather than to try to track the members herself. You may consider doing the same for the next challenge if you plan to continue in 2012.

I'm just joining this challenge. I know I missed most of this year, but I just got a fab new wig and will consider myself an honorary member for the remainder of the year.

It's the Mod Mohawk, but I wear it in a solid #2. I really like the honey color in this one, but it didn't seem appropriate for work. I love this wig to bits, and plan to rock it for the next 8 months until I reach MBL. Then six more months of wigs until my WL!!! (Yes, I'm excited to be aiming toward WL next year):

This is my current hair. I haven't straightened it since I chopped it off in 2009... waiting for BSL. I don't have any very good length shots, but I'll take some for the 2012 challenge:

:lachen:Its easier to have people pm me that they want to be taken off (only a few) the list than to have all "400" emailing me to add them back on for 2011 from last year.....

I broke up this list into (4) post because I ran out of space in 2010 and couldn't add new names - THERE ARE LOTS, LOTS OF WOMEN WIGGING IT! :grin: