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I'm starting the WIG CHALLENGE 2012 early - so please just "thank" this post to join!

The WIG CHALLENGE 2012 is very EASY..........just wear any type of wig as your main PROTECTIVE STYLE of choice!

:gorgeous: WIG CHALLENGE guidelines:

• The Wig Challenge is in effect from Jan 1st - Dec 31st, 2012 (you can join at any time by "thanking" this post)

• WIG means any full wig, half wig, full lace wig, or a lace fronts (NOT twists, braided extensions or weaves)

• Wigs are your protective style of choice (most of the time), but you can take as many breaks as you want - just pull it off whenever you want to see and touch your hair!

• You MUST take care of your hair and scalp underneath (this challenge is about progress, not a styling crutch) our ultimate goal is healthy, long REAL hair!

• Keep in touch, post photos, ask questions, share advice and let us know how you're doing at least once per month!

Please remember there is a TON of information in the previous WIG CHALLENGES....... 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 threads.

Also, WIG CHALLENGE works easily with others challenges -- such as the Bootcamp, Deep Conditioning, Scalp Massage, Hide Your Hair, or Low Manipulation, etc. -- since your hair is safely tucked away from daily wear and tear.

Happy New Year and Happy Hair Growing!:gorgeous:


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I'm totally in! I'm wearing wigs now because I'm focused on getting fit and it's not practical for me to style my hair everyday. I plan on wearing wigs at least 7-8 months next year.


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I am in. I have already worn wigs for six months. I love them so no plans to change for the new year. I work to work out too so I am in with you! ^^^^


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I'm in too. Can't "thank" from my phone but I will when I get home. Was Going to get a new wig after work today anyways so the timing is perfect.


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Will THANK the post when I get home. I'm in!! Been in wigs 24/7 since April. Yup, 8 whole months!! I can totally do this!! ;)

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I'm in! Wigs are my current protective style. I LOVE the versatility. I plan to wear them winter, spring and fall for sure. However, I think the summer might be too hot for that.


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I'm in this one.... I will be moving out of the country for 18 months and I would like to wear wigs for the entire time.

I will be rotating between 3 full lace wigs that I purchased from whatwig.com and I will be braiding my hair underneath.

Regimen while under wig:
-shampoo 2x month
- co-wash 3x week
-DC 1-2x a week
- moisturize and seal 3x a week


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You know the funny part is I never thought I would ever wear wigs. But after looking at the lovely ladies on here wearing their wigs I figure I would give it a try. I am so glad that I did.

@ms.lisab I know right! Wigs are so convenient and when you find the right one, it's on! I feel like P.Diddy-can't stop, won't stop!


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I'm in too, I've already started back wearing lace wigs in November and I plan on wearing them for the entire year next year so I can see how much growth I can get. I have about 8 wigs between half wigs and full lace so I can go the long haul lol.


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I'm in! I have never worn a wig before but I want to get a silk cap light yaki remi wig. Thery are selling for $250 to $300 on ebay. Has anyone tried one before?


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I've been looking for this challenge to start up! I've been in wigs all last year and I plan on stepping my wig game up for 2012 anyway so I'm in! I live in GA so I'm happy to hear phony ponies are included because I don't think I could handle a wig in the summer.


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OP do we need starting pics for this challenge? It wasn't mentioned. If so, here is my starting pic. Now lets see how much retention I get by Dec 2012 ;)

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Count me in! I have been wearing full lace wigs for about 3 months now planning on wigging it for 2 yrs. Will post pics 1/1
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I'm in. I just bought my first full wig today and I absolutely love it! This will fit in perfectly with the crown and glory challenge that I joined.

Here's a pic of my first wig. It's the vogue crop wig by the bump collection.



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So my mom bought me a lace front wig today. Its really pretty but when I went online to find reviews on it I couldn't find ANYTHING!!!! Hope I didn't get jipped! Will post pics after I play with it some.


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Here's some pics. Its Ionna Hair Collection Lace Front Wig LCHF-835 "Spicy" in 1B...


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And a few more, just playing with styles and stuff gotta find a way to conceal the lace a little more though...


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I want to know how girls living in the south(hot weather) deal with wig ? Here, when spring/summer arrives, I can't wear my wig because it's seriously too hot !