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I've had kinky twists for 3.3 weeks now... I'm taking them down tomorrow or Monday and back to wigging it. The wig in my avi is my fave for now but I'd like try a pixie cut wig to see how I look.

This is my most used wig....sorry pic is so big
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i am going to start again at the beginning of the year...

my hair was htting past my neck almost touching my shoulder. i made the HORRIBLE mistake by having my hair braided. i took care of hair like i always do, and when it came time to take the braids down, my hair was one big dred lock. it was awful. i had my twin, mom, SO's mom and sister try to help take that mess out of my hair. finally my mom got the scissors and started clipping..cutting. cussing me out at the same time.let me tell you..i am grown and she made me feel like a child....lol...i was crying and carrying on.

i started wigging it and i am back to neck length now. i am going to relax on the 12/1 and start wigging again. i will wear it out every now and then. i have a few wigs i want to buy.


Island Gyal
Quick question

I've never traveled with a wig on. I want to wear a wig but it had the little straps with the hook on. Will that go off in the scanner?


Island Gyal
FemmeCreole, what wigs are you wearing in the photos? They look nice :yep:

I really can't remember the name of the wig in my sig but its one of those synthetic wigs that you can flat iron. I bought it during summer and it still looks great. It doesn't tangle

Right now I'm wearing a short blunt cut bob from the Janet collection.


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I've been going wigless for about 2 weeks but today I am back on track. I just happened to click on the samsmart ad at the top of my page :look: and ended up buying 4 new wigs :blush: I hope their shipping is fast.

Here's what I got: