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Wig, Weave and Ponytail Challenge 2022-2024


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I like this thread! I’ve been wigging since August. I’m using a kinky straight wig with curly edges. Just got another one to rotate. I secure my wig daily with bobby pins and/or got2b on the sides.

I wash/DC weekly, mostly airdry and pin my hair up. Deeper into my relaxer stretch (3-4 months), I blowdry my hair.


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I will be in my Weave until mid - end of January. Otherwise for the entire year this year, I have been in braids, weave and wigs. :)
I will be on the grow for now. I am just a lazy natural and still want to look like I am not. :D


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I love wearing my wigs but the ponytails are just as convenient. I have so many nice wigs collecting dust because I don’t think my boyfriend likes them which is why I’ve been wearing ponytails


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I need to finesse my new kinky straight wig. I’ll wash, style, and cut the lace today. Trying to do it all before brunch lol

Also for anyone that rotates their wigs (esp HH) to make them last; how often are you doing it?
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