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Winter Hair Care Routines


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I will be keeping my hair in a bunish ponytail. Slathered in whipped Shea butter most days, but down for church on Sunday. I will be washing at least once per week more so if it itches ( if it itches it needs to be washed, IMO)


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Wear wigs!! I have a synthetic one already, I want to get human hair next. Also, keep rockin my ponytail and wear headwraps.


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I was just planning on keeping my hair pulled back with the ends tucked under most of the time, and covering it with a silk scarf & hood when venturing outside, as well as coating my ends with shea butter.

A few people mentioned alternating between co-washes and shampoo washes every week, and that sounds like a very good idea.

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maryj1584 said:
my hair hates manipulation even more than heat, everytime I try to do a braid out or bantu knots or twistout(that one failed miserably), I just get massive breakage. i dont know what to do, my hair acts best when I bun it up for the week or rollerset it for the week, i cant manage anythiing else. I have decided that the next time I wear my hair down, I am going to moisturize and condition it like crazy and then rollerset.I have planned it out. I would

1. Sleep in a NTM mask mixed with evoo (prepoo)
2. Wash with Diluted CON
3. Deep condition with some wheat germ/evoo/honey mix
4. Do a rinse with 12 en 1 mixed with some evoo.
5. Put lots of leave in conditioners, cantu and giovanni and ntm and MNT, evoo and some coco butter.

I hope that is not too much, but i really need to get to go the extra mile to protect my hair this winter. I would probably be rollersetting on sunday.

I'm with you. I like to enjoy my hair. I do plan to wear it up in a french roll two to three days a week and when I do wear it down, cover it with a silk scarf when I go outside.

And yes, of course...moisturize...moisturize...moisturize.

BTW...how do you like "Cantu"? I've been thinking about trying that. You can PM me.


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I'm in Georgia, and it doesn't get too terribly cold down here (at least to me, I'm originally from Ohio). But I plan to get some satin/silk scarves to wear under my hats, and keep my hair bunned or pinned up. I will also be rockin' my falls and phony pony - especially when I visit Ohio for Christmas.


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1. Try to stretch my 12/15 relaxer 8 weeks
2. Corn row my hair
3. Wash and moisurize once a week. Emphasis on the moisurize part.
4. Wear an Aunt Ester Wig and church hat. J/K. I found a cute wig/fall on especiallyyours.com.

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