Winter Hair Care Tips (nothing new, just a reminder)


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Winter Hair Tips: Preparing your hair for the weather ahead

* Avoid shampooing your hair more than once a day. Regardless of how
gentle a shampoo is, during winter your hair will dry and damage more
quickly due to the elements.

* Use conditioner every time you wash. Look for the words "replenish" on
product labels as this term is only allowed on products that actually
ADD moisture to your hair.

* To prevent static fly-away hair: Rub a dryer softener sheet over your
hair brush before using. It combats static AND makes detangling your
hair a snap.

* Wearing a scarf or hat will protect hair from cold and wind. However,
never wear a hat that is so tight it prevents circulation to the scalp.
If your scalp starts to itch, it's often a sign the blood flow is

* Increase (or add) essential fatty oils to your daily foods. The
absolute best way to ensure healthy hair growth is to feed your body
with nutrients. Find them in fish like salmon, nuts, flax seed and
grape seed oil, etc. During the winter, FEED your new hair growth
and have glossy, healthy new locks by Spring.

(From Yahoo when I opened my email). With Winter upon us, figured I'd share for reminders to us.