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Winter weather = breakage / Hot oil treatments?


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Last winter's breakage (that I'm just now recovering from) was due to my dry winter hair. I didn't figure it out until winter was almost over. I was greasing it up but unbeknownst to me I was actually coating my hair.

I know there are tons of threads on this, but only when I do a search on hot oil treatments, the site stalls forever, so I'm starting a post.

I know the basics and have concluded that doing them AFTER my wash is best for me. For those that do it after, do you do it before you condition or after or with? I want to penetrate the hair with the proper oil, then seal the ends/strands before the wet sets.

Again, I know this info. is in here but the search engine won't show it... at least on my 'puter.



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Bumppppppp because I want to know too and would like to know what oils are best for hotoil treatments. :grin: Please and thank you!


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Thanks Special K for the oil rinses thread. I didn't think to look there.

I'll still be waiting for more techniques as I get started on reading.