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Woman Fired For Bringing Laxative-filled Brownies To Coworker's Send Off, Police Say

Mai Tai

Miss Nigeria-America
This right here is why you don’t eat from everybody.
As a kid, I used to think my parents were crazy for not letting me eat at just anyone's house. My Dad was so strict that he didn't even accept drinks unless they were sealed/packaged and refrigerated (i.e. canned soda) because he wasn't going to drink from a glass out of your kitchen and he didn't want you to use your hand to place ice cubes from the ice trays into his drink. Now I understand.


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Opening her mouth to a coworker meant she should have played it safe and brought in a bag of chips or something. Make them all look like fools when the police showed up. That would have been my chosen plan. Police ask about laxatives and I calmly point to the bag of doritos that I brought in still sealed. And then i cry like why do you all hate me. Lol