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Y’all look at this & help me please


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I bought this human hair lace front wig based on this girls review on YouTube and my wig looks NOTHING LIKE HERS AT ALL :( I’m so bummed out because I’m going on a mini vacay in a few weeks and I have NO CLUE what to do with my hair. I attached a screenshot pic of her hair and a pic of the shabby dogs hair that Cynosure Hair company sent me. Any advice on what I can do to this hair to make it look pretty?


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Yeah, the curls on her wig seem slightly larger. All wigs need some tweaking and styling when they first arrive. Have you washed it yet in this pic? What length did you buy and is the lace and hairline decent?
No I haven’t washed it yet. I got 20” and I think the lace is called invisible HD. It’s pre-plucked with baby hairs. The hairline looks decent I think. I’m new to wigs so I think the hairline looks fine


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@LegsLegsLegs I'd say comb it through, give it a co-wash and style it like you would a wash and go- maybe with a mousse or curl creme- something lighter than gel that won't give you crunchy curls. If gel is all you have, then use it sparingly or diluted. If you have a wig head/ mannequin head/ polystyrene head to style on- even better. It might need a little trim but maybe not. Preferably, let it air dry and then try it on, if you haven't already. It may not look the same as hers but you just might like it anyway.


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I hate it when this happens :/

Its not the same wig. However, when you've only bought one you probably don't have time to mess around with returns and they get away with it. I've had curly wigs/bundles come out the pack and look beautiful and EXACTLY like the pic before, but I've also been given something different, or of lesser quality plenty of times too.

If you want to work with it I find youtube videos helpful for curly styling and products needed. It can look better than it does now.