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  1. faithVA

    2022 - SL/APL Challenge

    Post the following to join in What length are you now? What is your goal for 2022 (SL or APL)? What's your plan/regime to reach your goal? How will you celebrate/reward yourself when you reach your goal? Starting Pic (Post by 12/31/2021)...
  2. apple_natural

    2021 Let's Talk! APL - BSL/MBL Challenge

    2021 Arm Pit Length - Bra strap length - Mid-back Length Challenge Entry Photo & Exit/Finale Photos Required Also, a photo is required if you trim, get any damage/set back, or notice any significant hair growth you want to share... These can be in your media. Mine are. Let's Talk.... I'm...
  3. faithVA

    Apl 2018

    Welcome to APL 2018. Everyone is welcome. Feel free to join us even if you don't think you will make APL in 2018. :welcome::welcome4: Post the following to join What length are you now? What's your regimen? What do you need to do/change to reach APL? Goal areas: back, front, sides, crowns...
  4. Prettymetty

    Slow Growers Unite 2016

    Slow Growers get in here! Let's figure out a way to boost our growth rates and retain it. Current length: Goal length: Hair details: Monthly growth rate: What are you doing to speed growth rate?
  5. leogirl321

    Length Update!

    Hey everyone! I'm a new member of LHCF (been a lurker for 2.5 years and I finally made an account lol). I just wanted to come on here and post an update on my transitioning journey. Tomorrow I will be 11 months post relaxer and I'm really proud of the length that my hair has reached since I...
  6. faithVA

    Apl 2016 Challenge

    Welcome to APL 2016. Everyone is welcome. Post the following to join in What length are you now? Natural/Relaxed/Transitioning? What's your regimen? What's do you need to do/change to reach APL? What's your goal month if any? Post your starting pic: The challenge will officially start...