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Thanks Aggie!!:grin: There's no way I can wash my hair every 2-3 days:nono:. I'm going to add the pepper to my current mix as well. One more question, are you using powder or liquid pepper???

I have been using the powdered one but I think that the liquid infusion would be used in my next MN mixture. I don't like the red pepper bits in my hair from the powder version:nono:.


Here I grow again!
Tried my marinated mixed for the first time tonight as a prepoo. Didn't feel much but fell asleep for a few hours and woke up feeling muy ciente. I like it and am still feeling a little tingly. lol.


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i'm dropping out of this challenge, i haven't been diligent anyway, but my growth is fine. 6" per year. I just plan to focus on retention. Good luck ladies.


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i'm dropping out of this challenge, i haven't been diligent anyway, but my growth is fine. 6" per year. I just plan to focus on retention. Good luck ladies.

I have too many things going on right now so sad to say I'll have to quietly step out of this challenge as well. Good luck to everyone!


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Any updates???? anyone still doing this?

I have made the cayenne pepper mixed with coconut oil, olive oil. Since nov 2009. I would put on my head twice a week overnight. I would massage it in my head and then do about 5 min of cardio to open up my pores. and Boy oh Boy it would burn/tingle for 12 hours straight and that is why I would do it overnight. It does drip down my neck alot and can be messy. At first I thought it really grew my hair for two months. But since jan I really can't say if my hair has grown alot faster than usual. It wasn't enough extra growth for me to continue to do it. I thought twice a week was enough considering how long I would leave it on and still feel the burn. I was already brushing bra strap in january so I thought/assumed I would be way past bsl by now, So I guess my expectations were too high. I also take ALOT of vitamins so I just knew my hair would be touching my butt by now.
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^^^Gee, I forgot all about this challenge. I didn't use it long enough to see results dancinstallion. Maybe the other ladies has some report for you.


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hey ladies! it's been ages since i've checked in here, but i have to give credit where it is due!

yes, the cayenne pepper has helped my hair growth alot!

even though i haven't always checked in, i've used it (messy dripping and all) and can give it some of the credit for the hair that is below the line in my siggy.

sure, that growth from the beginning of the year until the end of last month is also due to many new practices, but honestly speaking, cayenne has surely been one of them that i feel has done alot.

so my verdict is to stick with it because it does work!


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Carisa not as consistently anymore but I have grown I think 10 inches so far

I am switching to ginger soon instead of cayenne & probably will stick with castor oil again

I would rather smell like ginger hehe


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Here I am with a big ole thing of cayenne pepper i need to use and would you looky here. I've found my solution. I'ma get right on it.


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Damn, and I just made a peppermint oil and EVO concoction. LOL Better go get another applicator bottle.
I'm not aware of the side to side comparison of peppermint to cayenne paper, but both are well known for increasing blood circulation.
I recently got the peppermint oil for that purpose. It is AMAZING on the scalp. You feel every sensation. I wake up 6am feeling like cupid shot me.