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Congratulations to February 2009 Feature of the month - Pinkskates


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Congrats to your brother...didn't watch the game much. I did see that touch down in the 2nd quarter..nice play.

:grin:Congrats Pinkskates!!!! You are my latest and greatest inspiration. (Is that a song:ohwell:?) LOL

OMG....wasn't that play awesome! I saw my brother on tv holding his breath during that play...:lachen:

Yes girl...that is a classic by the late great Luther Vandross!:yep:

Thank you ladies for all of the beautiful compliments!:bighug:


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Congratulations. You are such an inspiration to so many of us. Beautiful hair, beautiful body and you hold it all together with humility and grace.

YOU GO GIRL!:grin:


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Beautiful hair, healthy and fit body, and intelligent--TRIPLE THREAT!!! :grin:

Congratulations, Pinkskates!


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Thank you LHCF ladies for all of your beautiful compliments. You all inspire me to stay on top of my game. I appreciate all of the PMs, profile messages and comments sent to me on my blog!
And a special thanks to Beverly for creating such a great forum!:Rose: