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Disneyland Brawl (women Abused) While Children Watch


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She did but did he spit on her first? That would NOT make it right but he was dealing with her very aggressively.

Wonder if they are siblings? One guy looked old enough to be the father. I just can't imagine this much animosity among kinfolk.
I think the girl with braids and backpack is the sister of pink shirt dude. Beige shirt must be his girlfriend. Both white shirts are together.

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Either A Blessing Or A Lesson.
They need to leave him behind next time. I would like to see them press charges so that he goes to prison. But it might make things worse because he will get out eventually. IDK what people do when the crazy abusive person is a family member.
If a dude is beating on me (family or not) and I can get to a phone, I'm giving the police a full description and demanding they shoot first and ask questions later. I don't need to learn a lesson but once.

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