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Does anyone remember


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a post that contained a list of products that a magazine(I can not remember the name or find the post) that listed various products for all hair types? I think it was the winners in each hair type that was listed i.e. shampoo,conditioner,moisturizer, etc....
I would love any help!

I remember that it metioned hair products for all hair types and it listed a shampoo by Elasta but I cannot remember the name. Please help.


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I do not remember that post however I have a copy of Black HairStyles and Trends which lists different products for different hair types. But Elasta is not on the list.



Mizani Botanifying
Keracare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo
Cream of Nature Ultra Moist
Vonte BioCleans Shampoo
Motions Lavish Conditioning Shampoo
Nexxus Therappe


KeraCare Hydrating Detangling
Hairobics Moisture Retention
Organic Root Stimulating Uplifting
All Ways Natural Formula Moistuzing
Pantene Pro V (Normal)


Redken Hair Cleansing Cream
Mizani Clarifying

I know this is not answering your question but I just thought maybe this could help you out also. These are products that the stylists use on their clients. On another note Kenra makes Elasta for relaxed hair and if you go to the Kenra website, you could request samples of Elasta products. I just did that a couple of days ago and they responded that they would send them out.