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Hardcore Protein Treatments & Pibbs-like Dryers


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Hey guys,

When I do protein treatments like Aphogee 2 step I use my desk dryer because I'm afraid the upward air flow of the Pibbs will break my hair off without using a shower cap or hair net. Do any of you ladies with Pibbs-like dryers use it when you to protein treatments? I'm getting ready to use Nexxus Emergencee (the no shower cap method) and I'd really like to use my Pibbs. Thanks!


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I have a pibbs dryer and the airflow definitely wont break your hair off. The air pressure isn't THAT strong....You would have heard of incidents if this even happened to someone


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Thanks! i was just a little worried about my hair getting caught in the vent but I'll give it a try.


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You Should be okay doing your Hardcore Protein Treatment this way. The week leading up to my relaxer I apply Nexxus Emergencee and go under my dryer w/o a Cap for about 10-15 Minutes.:yep:

It works perfectly. No Mishaps.:yep:


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Remember your hair is wet. The main problem would be knowing when the product is completely dry. Don't worry you'll be fine