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Newbie with a question??? Roller Sets


Hi, I'm new here, well sort of, I've been a lurker here for quite a while and finally decided to join ya'll in the journey of healthy hair care. But was really curious about something, I've seen that alot of people here do rollersets so I was wondering what is the benefits of doing rollersets. I have seen that it looks really pretty on some many ladies here. I would love to give it a try. Can some of you post what has been your benefits/experience in doing rollersets.



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Go to the search button and type in rollersets. You will get a boatload of results. Peruse through those and you will get lots of advice and benefits. HTH

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i do rollersets because it is a great way to straighten my new growth. they also last long, as opposed to looking busted all the time.:grin:

i sit under the dryer, which is a much healthier alternative than using a blow dryer. the heat from a hooded dryer is circulating heat, whereas the heat from a blow dryer is harsh direct heat. rollersets keep the ends curled which is healthy for the hair. taking care of ends is paramount to acheiving length.

sometimes i use caruso steam rollers also, which is also a much healthier alternative to flat irons and blow dryers. the steam is so gentle to the hair, can be used almost daily, and actually hydrates the strands. the steam rollers can be set and styled in less than 15-20 mins, and you're out the door!

macherieamour is a guru. check out her blog www.healthytextures.com
godsflowerrr has a great fotki with beautiful results.
so does dlewis, and lonei...check out their fotkis.


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I use rollersets to straighten my natural hair instead of using a flat iron. I think it's much more healthy because you're not using direct heat.