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Tell Me What Is The Difference Between The Two Affirm...


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Relaxers? I've been on amazon.com and found Affirm and Affirm Fiberguard Relaxers but I have no clue what's the difference between them. I believe they are both Lye relaxers but can someone who knows please tell me what's the main difference between them?

I mean, is one of them gentler than the other?
Does one give a smoother relaxed look than the other?
Maybe one is recommended for fine hair?

Please help. Here's a pic of each of them:-

This one is the regular one without the fiberguard label:

And this one is the one with the fiberguard label-

Also, those who use them, is it absolutley necessary to use the accompaniments that come with them - like the shampoos, conditioners, reconstructors, Fiberguard Sustenance treatment, Positive Link conditioner, etc, or can other poos, conditioners and treatments be substituted for them.

I just want the relaxer really, but if the treatments and conditioners have to be used then that would a little too much for me to purchase right now as I already have too many products and have no desire to add more stuff (except ayurveda powders) if not needed. I am especially curious/interested about the Fiberguard label relaxer and how it works on 4a/b fine hair like mine. Also which one do you feel is best recommended or gentle enough for my fine 4a/b hair
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Thanks Kurlee for your help but after careful review, I think I'm going to look for Design Essentials Regular Lye Relaxer now instead. It seems pretty hard to find, but I will keep looking for it. Anybody has any clue where I can purchase some other than Irby's as I think they're out of them?