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    I found it again, but this time it will be saved on here. Also posted the main hair forum.

    One of the original posts on BHM:

    Hi, I can help. Maybe you should try the green house effect. I had a small completely smooth bald spot from using ecostyler gel a while back. Every time i used the gel, my bald spot grew bigger and bigger. I finally identified that the gel was causing breakage and stop using it. But my hair wasn't growing back. I tried all the oils, protective styling, hair vitamins, prenatal vitamins, biotin, drinking water. I had the bald spot for almost a year, it was just stagnant. Nothing! I was so frustrated, it was near my edges and felt tender, and i thought i would have the bald spot forever.

    So one day i just decided to do ghe, aka greenhouse effect on my hair. I did it every single day, morning and night for 3 months straight. Within the first 2.5 weeks i saw budding of growth. The area was finally turning dark with follicles, where as before it looked COMPLETELY smooth, no follicles, no nothing. 3 months later, my bald spot was no more, i had 1.5 inches of growth. Not only that, even though the area was 4c hair, it literally grew out of my scalp in perfect small coils/ringlets. I later figured out that i had given myself max hydration.

    Today, I do the max hydration method(MHM), where i pretty much introduce moisture into my hair from a scientific controlled regimen. I avoid certain products, and do wash and go's in a particular way and it has made many of the strands on my head curl from root to tip, no product, just like the area i had GHE'd before. In fact, GHE is part of this regimen, only i use watered down conditioner, instead of no product and a light oil like i did on the area with the bald spot. I believe if i had not used sheabutter on the rest of my hair when i ghe'd, i would have gotten max hydration on most of my strands. So conditioner is better, and absorbs into your hair instead of sealing out moisture.

    This Regimen MHM, has boosted the growth of my bald spot to 4 inches in 2.5 months of doing it. But, u will pick up this regimen after you revive a bald area.

    Here is my advice for what YOU need to do step by step:

    • You are going to need to be disciplined on this, first of all.
    • You will 1, get a botanical conditioner, with zero drying ingredients what so ever. The best one out there is kinky curly knot today.
    • Before you begin-- Clarify your scalp. You need to clarify your hair and scalp before you begin this. It is extremely important, because build up hinders optimal moisture absorption.
    • clarify first with an apple cider vinegar mixture. This will stimulate hair growth, remove build up, and it is an antifungal and antibacterial as well. I will elaborate on the mixtures below.
    • After, you will do a bentonite clay rinse to further clarify. This will pull out toxins, lift your hair cuticles as well, preparing for optimal moisture absorption.
    • After clarifying, You will apply 1/4 to 1/3 of a cup of the Kinky curly knot today in a applicator bottle, and water it down about 3 oz of warm/hot(but not boiling hot) water, and shake.
    • This will be applied to your head, evenly distributed.
    • Then put on your shower cap, or preferably, grocery bag. The reason i recommend grocery bag, is the edges of the shower cap may ride up on your scalp at night, and be abrasive because of the rough edge.
    • During the day and night, this shower-cap/ grocery bag will be secured onto your forehead(not your hair line) with a scarf. You can buy some cute scarves for when you go out, or during the day you can wear a loose fitting wigcap/ stocking(not tight fitting!) over the grocery bag, and then put a full wig over it. Maybe one with bangs, or any one really that looks nice and feels like your real hair so u don't get bored.
    • You will also clarify your hair once every 2-3 weeks with the acv cayenne pepper mixture. Then bentonite clay. And then reapply the conditioner mix, and put on your grocery bag. This will get rid of build up, but still replace moisture. You don't want to let build up happen, otherwise it can clog ur follicles or cuticles and stunt growth.
    • Other than that, DO NOT take off the showercap/ grocery bag. Otherwise, the moisture will escape and this will not work. You must wear it 24 hours a day.
    • You can also do the inversion method for the first week, to stimulate like a jumpstart. Basically once a day or twice, for 4 minutes, find some way to be somewhat upside down so the blood rushes to your head. Maybe lean over your bed. Then massage your scalp (through the grocery bag) for the 4 minutes.
    • in 3 weeks when u clarify u should notice signs that your follicles are coming in. But keep at it for at least 3 months. If you can, 6 months. If you could do it for a year, you are freakin set. You will probably have 3 inches of growth. This will give you a boost in growth you will not even believe.

    Here are the mixtures
    • ACV/applecider vinegar: 1:1 ratio of applecider vinegar and water to fill an 8 oz application bottle. Add 2-3 tablespoons of Cayenne pepper. You will leave this on your hair for 30 minutes to an hour, (under a shower cap!) before rinsing it out.
    • Bentonite clay rinse: 1:2 ratio of bentonite clay to water. Add a tablespoon of honey, and a teaspoon of olive oil. Leave paste on for 15 minutes, rinse out.
    • Conditioner: Kinky Curly Knot today. Watered down in application bottle. 1/3 a cup of the conditioner, 3 oz of warm water.
    • Try to get a shower filter as well. if you can.

    Hope i could help

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    Are you coming by?
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    I am curious about the ACV/cayenne pepper mix...:rolleyes:

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